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Competitions & Awards


Teilnahme am GEMMA-Gründerinnenpreis: innovativste Geschäftsidee 2010 withLANCELOT & AVALON; (Presentation of innovative business ideas) 


Teilnahme am GEMMA-Gründerinnenpreis: innovativste Geschäftsidee 2011 with flexible languages; (Presentation of innovative business ideas)

Teilnahme am Familienoskar 2011: flexible learning with live online trainings (companies that make efforts in improving families' and parents' quality of life;


In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Katholischen Bildungswerk Waizenkirchen bin ich innitiativ und  federführend an den Projekten  zum Thema "Aktives Altern" und "Humanität entwickeln" mit den Veranstaltungen English 50+ und Gewaltfreie Kommunikation, English Brunch beteiligt. Diese Veranstaltungen wurden aufgrund der Erfüllung aller Kriterien und Qualitätsmerkmale von der Diözese Linz und Bundesministerium für Arbeit & Soziales gefördert.

Weiters konnten wir als innovatives KBW-Team durch die Teilnahme und Einreichung der erfolgreichen Projekte "Sprachentreffpunkt", "SummerSmallTalk", "English 50+" als innovatives Sprachlernpaket beim Innovationspreis 2013 der Diözese Linz die Aufmerksamkeit der Jury erzielen und wurden am 5. April 2013 mit dem 1. Preis in der Kategorie "Innovation" ausgezeichnet.


Im Jahr 2013 hat Flexible Languages mit ganzjährig sowie nachhaltig durchgeführten und seit vielen Jahren laufenden Sprachlernprojekten am ESIS SprachenInnovationsWettbewerb 2013 zum Thema 'Sprachenlernen 2.0 - IT und soziale Medien im Sprachenunterricht' im Sinne von LifeLongLearning teilgenommen.

International Conferences and Successful Projects

International Conferences:

Successful Projects:


In Nov 2009 I founded my own business named 'flexible languages, which is language learning company for teaching English and German (in future also Chinese) in classrooms and live online (virtually) to adults, young learners, students and people in companies who work as mechanics, technicians, secretary, customer advisor,...

'flexible languages' was registered at the area authority of trade in Grieskirchen on the 6th of Nov in 2009 and since then I am legally able to offer language services to companies, adult education centres, the public and private people. I run my language company as entrepreneur without partners and employees.


  • Timewalk in English in May: guided tour through an English garden and on an organic farm conducted by a British native (organic farming and Celtic history), see link:
  • Primary school project, English for kids in June: why do children learn English in school and visit companies in town that communicate and deal with their customers in English = educational excursion , see link: 
  • CoFounder of Laudate Kids, a children's choir with rhythmic singing and movement training (since 2005) that organize and perform singing events, musicals and special festivals, write and conduct self-composed musicals, gained many years of stage experience at various occasions. I am in charge of the financial management, administration, organisation of big events, book-keeping and recruiting motivated parents for participating in the preparatory work.  and
  • Businessplan: In Nov 2011 I successfully composed and completed my professional business plan for flexible languages (24 pages document)


  • English 50+ (Spring and Autumn) and Summer Small Talk (July - August, 3times), for more details go to the link:


Web skill online teaching project with voluntary students (Feb to March 2013, 5 weeks) idea was to put study content of the eTeacher web skill training at the University of Oregon into practice in order to let results flow into final project of studies = diploma.

project outcomes (see reflective blogs of participants):

Further successful projects have been conducted with the Katholische Bildungswerk Waizenkirchen:

- English 50+ (Spring & Autumn 2013)

- English Brunch (Summer 2013)

- Sprachentreffpunkt (Summer 2013)

Feel free to go to our homepage:


Additional to some sustainable language projects as the 'Sprachentreff' and  'English 50+', I successfully organized 'Minikurse für Italienisch', 'Minikurse für Englisch' and a 'Summer Special for Beginners'.

Details, more information and pictures are available on:


In 1989, after I had finished my studies at the School of Business Administration in Bad Ischl/Austria, I attended several advanced Cambridge FCE & Proficiency classes in London (1989 - 1990), which was a great  'intercultural experience' in Great Britain.

Until 1994 I worked as bank assistant for the Austrian financial syndicate named Raiffeisen. I was in charge of professional finance advice for local customers by  representing the Raiffeisen institute and meeting the customers needs.  Cooperating with colleagues, working precisely and trustworthy and multilingual communication enabled me to combine my professional experience in finance with speaking English.

After my maternity leave until 1999, I worked at a professional agriculture school and gained insight into the various tasks and responsibilities of an educational institution especially school administration and course design, course development and govenmentally ruled issues.

In 2000  I was asked to share my language experience with young learners, students at A-level, adults and mature learners. Those heterogeneous learners did not only differ in their learning style and their particularly professional interests, but also in their needs of being taught and accompanied throughout their language learning process individually. Shortly after I was asked to work for several schools, especially Adult Education Centres in Austria and Teacher Academy:

- Volkshochschule Grieskirchen

- Katholisches Bildungswerk Waizenkirchen

- Landwirtschaftliches Fortbildungswerk Grieskirchen

- Volkshochschule Peuerbach

- Volkshochschule Eferding

- Ibis acam Grieskirchen/Arbeitsmarktservicestelle Grieskirchen

- Pädagogische Hochschule Burgenland, VPH Onlinecampus Eisenstadt

Beside  teaching and training I attended several studies concerning methodology, didactics, language teaching, learning strategies, business English + technical English + mechanical issues, intercultural competence, multiple intelligences, group dynamics, pedagogical issues, non-violent communication,....

After I had finished my studies for teaching live online named LANCELOT in 2007, I acquired the qualification called AVALON  in 2010, which was conducted and assessed by University of Manchester, University of Vienna, University TÖ;MER... 

Since 2007 I also gained live online teaching experience within an intercultural setting by working for International online language schools:

- Let's Talk Online, Germany

- CELC in Tokyo, Japan 

In 2009 I founded the language training institute  "flexible languages" applying  pioneering technology of the 21st century in order to coach and benefit flexible and sophisticated learners who require a new way of language tuition. Since 2009 I have successfully been accompanying and assisting companies, adults in international firms, teenage learners and  learners of business and vocational schools in trainings, teachings, business correspondence, translations and individual coachings:

- ISOLENA in Waizenkirchen, Austria

- Lehner Wolle in Waizenkirchen, Austria

- Knoblinger in Ried, Austria

- Weigl Liftsystems in Waizenkirchen, Austria

- Hartlauer in Steyr, Austria

- Mobilitas & Staudt in Wels, Austria

- Lesslhumer Cecilia Zumba in Waizenkirchen, Austria

From January to March 2013 I participated in a 10-weeks online  eTeacher training which was conducted by the University of Oregon, USA. Web tools & programs and latest teaching theory and practice were part of the curriculum and studies.

In 2014 some more companies decided to book an individual coaching with flexible languages as well as some international language schools agreed to cooperate with FL and allowed FL to promote and offer international oversea English language trainings as Austrian agent:

Language schools

- Full immersion, Ireland

- A2Z Manchester & London

- IGC Canada & Kelowa & Belize

- Lerncamp Benenden, GB

- Gymglish, France


- Noviqua in Neumarkt, Austria

- MKW Oberflächen + Draht GmbH in Haag, Austria

- Viktoria Luftensteiner Jewellery in Aschach, Austria

- Fundermax GmbH in St. Veit, Austria

Looking forward to cooperating with forward-looking companies, innovative language schools and inspired learners.

You are welcome to watch my video:

Work experience

Nov 2009Present

Manager and Language Trainer

flexible languages

Founded and launched 'flexible languages' in Nov 2009. I am in charge of entrepreneurship, acquisition, human resource management, conducting teacher trainings, language training and coaching!

Nov 2009Present

translation, office correspondence, customer service, electronic banking, financial issues, foreign bank accounts & currencies,....

as freelancer for several Austrian companies
Sep 2007Present

Languageschool CELC Tokyo, Japan

German business coachings and conversation trainings

Jan 2005Present

Volkshochschule Oberösterreich

Englishtrainings & individual Englishcoachings & video conference trainings

Jan 2001Present

KBW Kath. Bildungswerk



Lehner Wolle³ GmbH

English training, translation, office administration, correspondence, electronic banking;


Isolena Wolle GmbH

English training, translation, correspondence, office administration, electronic banking;

Nov 2011Jan 2012

Albert Knoblinger GmbH

English technical training + in service training + mechanical training in English

Feb 2008Mar 2008

ibis acam Bildungs GmbH

Englishtrainer for adults with special professional needs, women competence training

Jan 2008Mar 2008

ElKiZ Peuerbach

Englishtrainings for infants and children


just kids


Oct 2000Jan 2001

LFI Ländl. Fortbildungsinstitut


May 1999Nov 1999

Land OÖ - Landw. Fachschule Waizenkirchen

School administration and organisation;

Nov 1990Oct 1994

Raiffeisenbank Sierning, Bad Hall, Neuzeug

Universalkassier, Kundenbetreuer;

Jul 1989Jul 1990

Au-pair at Family Rosenberg

Au-pair in London & attending the Haringey Adult Education Centre
Jul 1988Aug 1988

Direktion Landeskuranstalten Bad Hall

Practical work placement: administration, customer service

work history & teaching exp. doc

Educ. & Cert. doc

Job special. & seminars doc.

Intern. confer. & projects doc

Competition/Awards doc

Video clip (German)


Mar 2014Present

VHS Verband OÖ
Apr 2013Present

VHS Verband OÖ
Mar 2013Present

VHS Verband OÖ
Feb 2012Present

VHS Verband OÖ
Mar 2010Present

VHS Verband OÖ
Mar 2014

VHS Verband OÖ
Feb 2014

VHS Verband OÖ
Jan 2014

VHS Verband OÖ
Nov 2013

VHS Verband OÖ
Mar 2013Apr 2013

BFI Linz

(1,5 ECTS)

Feb 2013

PGA Akademy

Seminar: Mein individueller Auftritt mit Radiomoderatorin Mag.a Sabine Fürst

Feb 2013

VHS Verband OÖ
Jan 2013

VHS Verband OÖ

supported and sponsored by Cornelsen Verlag

Dec 2012

VHS Verband OÖ
Jan 2012

PGA Akademie Linz
Jan 2012

VHS Verband OÖ

this teacher training was held in English only

Apr 2011Nov 2011


Final work - Businessplan: In Nov 2011 I successfully composed and completed my professional business plan for flexible languages (24 pages document).

Aug 2011Sep 2011

Lancashire College in Chorley

this intensive teacher training was held in English only and took place in Britain

(2,8 ECTS)

Jul 2011

VHS Verband OÖ

this teacher training was held in English and lectured by Donna Humphrey (Nottingham Trent Uni)

Jun 2011

WKO, Wifi Wels
Apr 2011

VHS Verband OÖ
Feb 2011Mar 2011

VHS Verband OÖ
Feb 2011

VHS Verband OÖ
Jan 2011

VHS Verband OÖ
Sep 2010

WKO, Wifi Wels

Vielfalt schätzen, Vielfalt nutzen!

Apr 2009

VHS Verband OÖ
Mar 2009

ICC Europe & Clida Florence

this teacher training was held in Italian and partially English

Nov 2008

VHS Verband OÖ
Apr 2008

VHS Verband OÖ
Feb 2008

VHS Verband OÖ
Feb 2008

VHS Verband OÖ
Mar 2007

VHS Verband OÖ
Mar 2007

VHS Verband OÖ
Jan 2007

VHS Verband OÖ
Nov 2006

VHS Verband OÖ
Oct 2006

VHS Verband OÖ
Apr 2006

VHS Verband OÖ
Apr 2006

VHS Verband OÖ

this teacher training was held in English only

Mar 2006

VHS Verband OÖ
Jan 2006

VHS-Verband OÖ

this practical teacher training was held in English only

Oct 2005

VHS Verband OÖ
Nov 2004Jan 2005

bfi Berufsförderungsinst. Grieskirchen
Oct 2000Jan 2001

Berlitz Linz
Jul 2000

Berlitz Linz

English professional

Sep 1991Jun 1993

WIFI Steyr

English professional

Jan 1990Jun 1990

Haringey Adult Education College
Jul 1989Dec 1989

Haringey Adult Education College


I teach English (daily English, small talk, business English, technical English, mechanics, wood work, also in virtual classroom settings and 3D world). Have been teaching English in several Adult Education Centres since 2000 and started teaching German & English live online for Let's talk online (Germany) and for CELC (Tokio/Japan) in 2007.    


Apr 2012Apr 2013

Zertifizierter Erwachsenenbildner

WBA (Weiterbildungsakademie)
Jan 2013Mar 2013

e-teacher web skill training

University of Oregon/USA
Feb 2010Mar 2010

AVALON Certificate

ICC Europe, University of Manchester
Mar 2007May 2007

LANCELOT Certificate

ICC Europe, University of Manchester & Vienna
Nov 2004Jan 2005


VHS Linz
Mar 1991Apr 1994

Raiffeisen Schulungen I + II + Seminare

Raiffeisen Geldorganisation
Dec 1989

Frist Certificate in English

University of Cambridge
Sep 1986Jul 1989

final report

School of Business Administration in Bad Ischl