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Work experience

Aug 0850Aug 0850

Massacre of the Dragon

Beowulf King of the Danes

I killed the Dragon with my last breath, quite literally I might add. 

Apr 0475Apr 0475

Killer of the Beast Grendel's Mother

King Hrothgar of Denmark

Used my AMAZING sword Hrunting to massacre Grendle's Mother.

Mar 0475Mar 0475

Killer of the Beast Grendel

King Hrothgar of Denmark

Willing to endure the most dangerous of situations sacrificing life and limb for the ultimate goal. 

Beowulf Wants to Kill Beasts for YOU!




"One time Beowulf punched me in the face and it was awesome"

Lady Friend

"I love him so much I call him Baewoulf"

The Geats

"Our King is has hella good hair and I hear it's hair is insured for 20,000 bucks.

Queen Wealhtheow of Denmark

"Beowulf has treated me with nothing more than respect ever since he entered my great nation. Beowulf should teach body shape classes as well as lecture on the behavior that is expected of a man in such a high position"

King Hrothgar of Denmark

"Beowulf is truly sent from the gods, he protect my friends and my nation to the best of his ability twice, and I could never thank him enough."


My BMI is 20
I am super fit, as well as completely determined to keep up my body shape.


Official Kicker of Derrieres

Emma Johnson
Come at me bro.