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 Researcher and online Cartographer working on Electrical design and Summary

Researcher and Online Cartographer working on Electrical Design, Construction Design, Civil and Electrical drawings, and Asset Management for the third largest Electrical Utility in Canada.

University work required production of written papers and essays as well as indices for maps, charts, and drawings, all based on certificates in English Language, English Literature, and French, from Oxford and Cambridge, England.

As an avid reader, I have a high level of competency in English, and a working knowledge of French.

Work experience

Sep 1984Jan 1985

Administrative Assistant

  • Taste testing new products from various food companies.

  • Write description of product, and its quality
  • Prepare, key in, edit, and proofread correspondence, invoices, presentations, brochures,

       Publications, and reports related to the food industry.

Essential Skills

  • Strong written communication

  • Reading text

  • Writing
  • Document use
  • Technical writing
  • Documentation
  • Prologue
  • Epilogue
  • Indices and Legends
  • Numeracy
  • Working knowledge of French


Sep 1972Jun 1977

B.A. Urban Geography/Urban Studies

Concordia University

 Physical Geography, Geology, Urban Planning, Architecture, Cartography,

Aerial Photograph  analysis, Topographic and Topological Mapping, and

  Spatial Organization.

Text Section

With this CV I will start my Copywriting career with a view to not only learning, but improving and enhancing both my intellectual and writing skills.

Contact Information:

E-mail:  [email protected]

Cell; 647-766-4533 (Text)