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Objective oriented, intrested in raising efficiency, my major goal is to improve the quality of the work I am appointed to. Moreover, I am always seeking to work in an environment that will improve my skills.




Operation and Maintenance Engineer

TAWD company 

Working under TAWD company (real estate management and marketing company) in Al-Madina. TAWD company is a sister company of Taiba holding company. My company is an owner representative for four hotels in central area of Al-Madina. My responsibility Concentrated in Maintaining these hotels. I am responsible for three departments which are mechanical, electrical and electromechanical.

JAN 2016AUG 2016

Safety Inspector


Working in Al-Madina airport under safety department. Safety is a challenging work and always requires from employees to be proactive. a safety inspector responsibility can be summarised as follow :

- perform safety inspections (daily, weekly, monthly) to many facilities (apron, aircraft processes, main terminal, supporting buildings)

- Presents courses regarding (driving in side airport borders (air-side area). also courses regarding safety in main terminal )

- Implement RISK ASSESSMENTS which is a heavy case study regarding a situation will end up with an evaluation regarding its severity and probability and find solutions to reduce the these two factors 

JUN 2014AUG 2014


Saudi Electricity Company 

An intensive two months training program which involved rotations on some of SCECO important departments such as the safety,maintenance and operation department.


- At KFUPM volunteer day, I was a team leader of a group at orphans section.