A substantial professional retail experience acquired in the performance of the top management positions, as a CEO, C.O.O. and Regional position in management important national and international Retail companies. A strong orientation, focused on results and general business management, strategic thinking and vision of a global market. My goal is to participate in an management / business, management or leadership / Management of Operations or in an organization that is in charge of the services sector, internet industry / massive consumer/Retail

Work experience

Work experience
Jun 2010 - Jun 2011

Chief Operations Officer; COO

Mar 1999 - Sep 2003

Business Unit Manager

Mar 1986 - May 1998

Business Unit Manager



Mar 2012 - Dec 2013

Executive MBA

Itae Escuela de Negocios España

The EMBA program in Itae Mbiz encompasses an unparalleled selection of in-depth case studies, stimulating collaborative projects, integrated lectures that link historical context to contemporary issues, live case discussions, extraordinary chances to interact with industry leaders, and hands-on experiential learning classes. With this exceptional line-up of learning opportunities, learn deep and more than world-class business skills — a real-world education in a changing world.


Mar 2011 - Present

Postgraduate In e-Business Management

USAL / Georgetown University

Postgraduate E-Business Management Universidad del Salvador in partnership with Georgetown University, Washington, USA e-BUSINESS IN A GLOBAL WORLD Permanent changes in markets and in society, accompanied by a growing trend toward globalization, require constant updating of management, to learn and use new tools that technology provides access to more successfully to these new and complex marketshighly competitive. The development of computers and telecommunications has helped to create other ways to access those markets, effective immediately but that requires new approaches to management and business management. Business in the digital age are a challenge to the current Management and a source of opportunities for organizations of the new millennium. 

In this framework, e-Business is a new tool with its own rules that begins to develop and be active in leading companies in the country and the world. The Postgraduate provide a modern and futuristic vision of the Web as a new channel to market and facilitate the development of skills to manage on-line, different areas of the Organization. The program will train for project management in the new economy, with a twofold purpose: firstly to work in management levels related to the area of private and public companies and on the other provide advisory services and consulting. At the same time it encourages the creation of new businesses as entrepreneurs. PARTICIPATING GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM It is one of the most prestigious U.S. universities, with a business school in Washington where the e-Business has a broad scope of research and development. Two or more specialists in the United States participating in the program, teaching specific subjects in person and in full, then evaluating monographs developed with simultaneous translation. ARGENTINA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE-CACE-MAIL 

This is the House that brings together the most important companies related to Electronic Commerce. The CACE in its capacity as sponsor of the International Program provide teachers, researchers and special guests for the study and exchange of experiences on how to do business in the digital age. ILCE Latin American Institute for Electronic Commerce 

Institution dedicated to the development of electronic commerce with operations in Latin America. La Universidad del Salvador and ILCE have created the Center for Study of the Digital Economy, a monitoring of developments related activities and research in the field of e-business. OBJECTIVES OF GRADUATE MANAGEMENT OF E-BUSINESS -To train professionals capable of participating in each of the activities of e-business, maintaining clear awareness of their relationships and the wide field in which they operate. -Train the students to discover, accept and make good use of the synergy that the systemic nature and integrity of business processes provide. -Provide management tools that enable practitioners to optimize the results of their organizations in the area of e-business and other areas of the company, taking into account the ramifications of e-business reach to virtually every facet of a business. -Developing the ideas of renewal in the business of the new economy. "Building the capacity of entrepreneurs in the audience for the design of new projects. 

Mar 2000 - Nov 2005


University of Belgrano

The Bachelor of Science in Marketing program is a four-year program providing a solid marketing framework. This program includes the major field practicum (focused on marketing and Management) and a three-course industry analysis research sequence.

Students will gain appropriate background in all areas of marketing in a global economy including principles of marketing, retail, research techniques, marketing strategy, e-business, and consumer behavior among other key areas.

Board Member of Brand Coucil and Advisory Grupo Marquez


  •  Develop the corporate brand strategy and brand equity to entire structure of products an business of the Grupo Marquez and other business partners
  •  Control policy of the marketing mix tools according to product advertising also enhance the awareness of the brand in each place
  • . The log of the brand and name,design,tag line these all should be proper.At the time brand buliding to keept in the mind that persanality of the brand,image of the brand should be well 
  •  ensure the promise to his audiance and provide quality asurance to customer.
  • guarantee good image of the organization in frant of the sociaty
  • bulid those brand which reflacte the organization value and image
  • Also evalute the brand which is going well in digital a internet channel