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Work experience

Quality Control Inspector / TSP

Martin Marietta Aerospace
  **** Was responsible for a suggestion that make the company over $325,000.00 the first year alone.**** • Interpreted Standard Operating Procedures to ensure work was done to tight Specifications • Supervised twelve under zero-defect quality control for the space shuttle
May 2006Mar 2009

General Manager Big Box / Sales Manager

Dollar Tree
                   Promoted to Open The Newest Store In Austin. • Make schedules, payroll, ordering, and protect 500K in assets • Initiate actions, interviews, and hiring, firing, and disciplinary actions to mantain an experenced crew. • Supervise and coordinate activities of the three assistant managers and 12 employees. • Examine displays to identify replenishment needs and set daily goals. At Dollar Tree,70% of all stock on the shelves was done by the manager. I evaluated the P & L for areas of oppertunity and did all store training.
Feb 2009Jan 2008

General Manager Big Box / Sales Manager

                         Promoted to Run the District Managers Display Store

·    Expert at Visual Merchandising, Layout  and Advertising

·    Hired and trained quality people to increase retention

·    Surpassed sales goals for the last six months

At family dollar I Manage the work flow, Push Stock and purge the stock room on a weekly basis. Also one of my main focuses is to keep shrink control down as low as I can, and to manage the inventory levels. Always focusing on keeping up with the paper work,recovery and providing excellent Customer Service to our Customers.
Feb 1990May 2006

General Manager / District Sales Trainer

Radio Shack
5 Awards: Top 100 Managers in the Nation, Top Manager TX Top Customer Service Award twice, Top Salesman In TX. • Responsible for twelve employees and nightly bank deposits • Ensured 100% customer satisfaction and security of 150K in assets • Ran the entire P & L to look for where to increase profit for the store • Over 16 years, was in charge of many special projects, store openings
May 1998Jul 1992

Chaparral Team Leader- E4- Specialist

US Army - Held a Top Seceret Clearence

Received the Army Achievement Medal, National Defence Medal and Eight Unit Awards.

• Was Battalion trainer on enemy identifications and computer simulations. • Was selected as the unit trainer to prep for and debrief after missions. • Supervised 6 soldiers on life & death missions in Afghanistan. • Programmed to achieve success under highly stressful Condition.

US Army - Earned Top Gun Status ( Being The Best of The Best in your Field) In Basic Training, again in Advanced Individual Training and Did what no other Crew has ever done in the history of ADA.We won the US National ADA Compatition 2 years in a row. That is how I erned my E4 in only 13 months-Unpresadented. See Portfolio Under US ARMY.

Oct 1986May 1989

District Manager / Company Sales Trainer

Waterbeds Inc.
            Responsible for 4.5 M in inventory and payroll of five stores • Managed and trained a sales force of 15 Managers and 38 employees • Inspected all incoming inventory for defects and quality control Was in charge of the store expansion project bringing the company from 2 stores to 5 stores in six months. At Water beds inc. I started as a salesman, after 1 year was promoted to store manager and within 8 months made district manager responsible for all inventory and training in all five stores.


Jan 2008Present

Advanced Business Marketing

This course is to provide a means for me to excel in my future career field of Brand Image Marketing. I have Apx. Six months Left. I believe Education and Training is a life long process. You should always be looking to upgrade or renew your knowledge base or you will be left behind.

Marketing managers need creative, analytical, and leadership abilities to manage the marketing function of the business enterprise. The Marketing Major addresses how to identify customer needs, how to communicate information about products and services to customers and potential customers, where to market and how to price products and services, and how to respond to growing demands in different countries and cultures. This undergraduate degree program has a 54-credit Required Course of Study. See Below: Skills for Professional Development, Management: Theory, Practice, and Application Organizational Behavior and Ethical Responsibility, Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making, Research, and Evaluation I, Research and Evaluation II, Computers and Information Processing, Principles of Accounting, Business Law, and Skills for Professional Development.


Office Mangement

This degree gave me the specialized Office smarts to successfully run any type of business as an Office Manager or the head a Human Resource Department.


Asscoiate in Applied Science In Business

Central Texas College - 2nd Degree

This degree allowed me to get a Broader education that was not in my 1st  Business Degree.

I studied Business Law, Torts, HR principals, Training methods, marketing and advertising.

This Degree allowed me to be affective in any office environment. See Curriculum Below HRPO 1311 Human Relations 3, Comp. I 3, Office Management 3 Integrated Software Applications I 4,MATH 1332-42 or level 3 Business Computer Applications, Principles of Marketing 3 Business Principles 3, SPCH 1315 or 1321 3 Physical Activity Course 1, Principles of Management 3 BMGT 2370, BMGT 2488, or RELE 2488 3-4 KINE Physical Activity Course 1, ECON 2301 or 2302 3, Principles of Financial Accounting 3 BUSI/BMGT/RELE/MRKG/BUSG 3, Humanities/Fine Arts Selection 3 Human Resource Management 3, Small Bus. Management 3 Business Law/Contracts 3, Business Law, Supervision 3 Principles of Managerial Accounting 3 ELCT Elective 3, BMGT 2371, BMGT 2489, or RELE 2489 3-4 Total Hours = 69 GPA: 3.2


Principales of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Seminars

This Seminar allowed me to acquire the latest skills necessary to successfully market an Internet Marketing business.



The Dale Carnegie Course

This course taught the principles of affective Leadership and to excel at public speaking and presentations.

The Dale Carnegie Course: Effective Communications and Human Relations is a 12-week course running one night per week for 3.5 hours per session. This proven, time-spaced learning methodology allows you to practice between sessions so that these principles become part of your skill set. This course helped me master the capabilities demanded in today's tough business environment. I am better equipped to perform as a persuasive communicator, problem-solver and focused leader. In short, the course has empowered me to move far beyond my comfort zone as I stretch for and attain ambitious new goals. This course allowed me to maximize my performance, become a stronger leader and add more value to my organization. Also, it allows me to tackle complex challenges, generate more and better ideas, excel as a consensus builder, communicate clearly and concisely, reduce self-consciousness and fear, and apply 30 human relations principles.


Income Stream Builder
I believe we should NEVER stop building our Skills and Income streams.   In todays economy you just don't know when one income strem will collapse and leave you hurting.   Therefore, I belieave in building many forms of Income.   1. Your Primary Job.- Work it to pay your bills,add a savings cusion (10%) and put money (5%) into other business ventures. Goal : One day you can quit you primary Job.   2. Your Hobby- Get good enough at it so you can market thoses skills.   3. Always be on the lookout for anything that will add another income stream.    Example: I use GDI- Globle Domains International- It is a Multi-Level marketion company selling the only Web Domains left. With 50 thousand people joining the net daily, it's a NO BRAINER. I advetise this to everyone.


Ron Garza

Ron worked for me at Radio Shack for over 3 years.

Glenn Gerber

Glen was my Manager at Radio Shack before I became a General Manager. Later we both worked for Family Dollar together. I have known him for over 15 years.

Art Bowers

Art and I both started working for Dollar Tree at the same time. Art became a manager 2 months after I did. I have known  Art for 3 years.

Richard Tubbs

Richard was first my District Manager at Dollar Tree then he moved to Family Dollar as a General Manager where I was later hired as a General Manager. I have known him for over 5 years.



Cruise Travel Agent


Earn An Income For Life !!!


To find a home where I can be challenged, productive  and inventive until I retire.


I believe every person should always be vigilant of opportunities( Or they will pass you by), increasing your skills and expanding the industries and businesses you are exposed to. This will make you a well rounded individual and increase your personal worth and opportunities.

I am a Cajun from New Orleans,LA. I love to go back home for Mardi Grew. My wife and I now live in Round Rock, TX and love it here.There is so much to do that you will never get board. The only thing that will make life even better is when I buy a house on the lake. I would love to spend my spare time on the water. In 2008 I enrolled at the University of Phoenix on campus to pursue a career in marketing and management. I knew this would be a good opportunity since the economy was on a downward spiral. I only have approximately six months left to complete my BA then I plan on continuing to get my master's degree in administration and marketing. I have been in retail management for over 20 years and have made a positive impact on every place I have worked. With my extensive background I can work in HR, Training, Marketing or any type of management. Although I have found retail fun, and challenging (with the hours) It does not make for a good quality of life. That is why I am looking to change careers,something with regular hours and weekends off. I strive to ensure safety and enhance company profitability. I focus on high quality and productivity to meet and exceed company goals and objectives in a timely manner. I have extensive experience in human resource policies, budget processes, and managing improvement teams to improve efficiency and reduce costs. I work well under pressure, and regularly interface at all levels of management and the workforce. On multiple occasions, I have successfully resolved crisis situations and serious customer relations problems. With an Associates in management and years of experience in the sales industries, I have the versatility to be able to contribute in a variety of environments. Through training and motivation, I work to maximize team results and develop my people to fully utilize their skills and maximize their contribution. I would enjoy discussing how we could utilize my experience and training to meet your goals; develop and complete projects that enhance the success of your team and company.

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Top Secret

US Army