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In his great awareness of the sufferings that individuals with eating disorders have to constantly endure, Mr. Herman Allen Autry has always sought to provide his patients with sensible care that comes from being in the field for 30 years now. With many patients seeking his help and guidance for recovery from the most common eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia and binge eating), Mr. Autry has acquired his enviably outstanding reputation as a caring professional with much passion for what he does. Being a much sought-after psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of eating disorders, Herman Allen Autry has been able to supervise the recovery of those who have trusted him. Dealing not only with the particular disorder, Herman Allen Autry has capably helped patients address the more serious and insidious effects of eating disorders: anxiety; depression; relationship problems; and loss of self-esteem. Helping his numerous patients find the delicate psychological balance which often elude them, Herman Allen Autry has consistently given remarkable encouragement and guidance towards self-healing. Knowing that the road is not always easy, Herman Allen Autry adopts a customized, multi-tiered approach that incorporates and integrates various treatment modalities in the treatment of his patients. Blessed with an enormous reservoir of patience and perseverance necessary in his field of expertise, Herman Allen Autry has thusly been able to make patients see their potentials and thereby find normalcy in their lives. Without prejudice to his patients’ diverse interests and goals, Herman Allen Autry is able to help his patients confront their problems and find out for themselves how they can attain complete recovery.

Work experience

LCSW (Licensed City Social Worker)




Harvard University