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Having majored in Criminal Justice and Criminology has imbued Mr. Herman Allen Autry with a stronger

sense of curiosity and interest for what he believes is right and true. This is probably what has inspired

Mr. Autry to become an active supporter of the Boys and Girls of America, a national organization with

a mission to enable all young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible

citizens. His having supported the organization in a major regional office like New York has enabled

Herman Allen Autry to toil hard and well to prove that young people have much to say and do in as

far as making the world an entirely better place to live in and lead is concerned. Currently a resident

of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Herman Allen Autry has been making his mark as an experienced retail

business professional by serving as the District Manager at Advance Auto Parts in the South New Jersey

Market. Being the District Manager of a highly progressive organization has challenged Herman Allen

Autry to strive endlessly towards providing only the best service to customers by steadily building the

company’s client base, expanding its network and ensuring that only the best service and products

are delivered on time all the time. Gifted with people skills, Herman Allen Autry has been able to

provide the best deals and the most premium offers that retail professionals are expected to give their

customers to encourage them to keep their business with the company. Indeed, Herman Allen Autry

constantly plays an inspiring role not only as a business professional but most especially as an inspiring

leader to those that he manages and supervises in his day-to –day career life.

Work experience

Sales Associate