Since its inception in 1988, the Herbal Healer Academy has sought to both educate the public about natural medicine and train future global healers. Founded with an initial investment of only $50, the Herbal Healer Academy has come a long way, as has the academy’s founder and President, Marijah McCain. Initially interested in microbiology, Marijah McCain left a career in the field, uninspired by the single-minded drive of the discipline. Shortly after, McCain happened upon natural medicine. It was only a matter of time before she discovered the vast potential and scope of the field that eventually inspired her to establish the Herbal Healer Academy. Healing with natural elements is not Marijah McCain’s only interest; she also educates. McCain is compelled to share information for her own continued learning and growth as well as the education and advancement of those around her. The Herbal Healer Academy is the epitome of Marijah McCain’s passion and dedication to serving others while advancing the field of herbal and natural medicine. The Herbal Healer Academy is an institution based on Marijah McCain’s personal life story and beliefs. Every product, resource, and training course offered by the Herbal Healer Academy is carefully selected by McCain herself, with the intention of expanding recognition and appreciation for natural and holistic medicine. While McCain’s greatest reward in this field of study and work is the countless lives she and the Herbal Healer Academy continue to impact, she has also received a number of recognitions for which she is profoundly honored. One example is the Seva Chakra Award, the most distinguished accolade conferred by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines. The award was bestowed upon Marijah McCain for achievement and dedication in the field of natural medicine and education on a global scale. Previous recipients of the award include the Dalai Lama; Mother Teresa; and Dr. Robert Muller, Professor and Chancellor, United Nations University for Peace. Marijah McCain currently lives in a hand-built home in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas with her husband. Together they enjoy the simple pleasures of farm living. It is here that she lives and shares her passion of natural medicine through the Herbal Healer Academy.

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 1988 - Present


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