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Work experience

Jun 2009Present

Officer's Club Waitstaff

86th Services

Although the job title is officially "Waiter", I actually did much more than that.  It can be broken down into three subcategories: Waiter, Maintenance, and Catering.

    -  Waiter:  Typical table waiting job; included taking orders, serving customers, bussing tables, and of course: service with a smile.  On Sunday brunch, each waiter would sometimes have nearly fifteen tables at a time.

    -  Maintenance:  Maintenance work includes setting up all room events and loading trucks for deliveries.  A typical delivery consisted of several tables, chairs, and chafers.  Room setups often included filling the Suites with various furniture for that night's event, setting up sound systems, and adjusting the lighting.

    -  Catering:  The same thing as maintenance, except we unloaded the truck for the event, and set it up.

I work extremely flexible hours, at the moment, with shifts beginning as early as 0500 and ending as late as 0300.

Mar 2009Jun 2009

Substitute Teacher

DoDEA - Ramstein High School

Volunteered at the High School as a math and science tutor from September 2008 until February 2009.  Upon becoming a legal adult, I was hired as a substitute teacher.  I sat in on various classes, mostly math and science related; and continued to tutor other students.  I had to leave when school got out for summer, and I did not renew my contract the following year.  My shift time always went from 0800 - 1500.

Sep 2008Jan 2009

JR Rockers Food Service Worker

86th Services

During my five months at JR Rockers, I spent approximately 80% of my time washing dishes.  The other 20% was divided up between bussing tables for the waitstaff and cooking for customers.  As JR Rockers is a sports bar, food usually tended to be nachos, chicken wings, and chips; with the occasional hamburger or salad thrown in.  I had a surgery in January, as such, I was forced to leave this job.  The usual shift time was from 1700 - 0100.


Aug 2008Present

In progress

University of Maryland University Campus (UMUC)