Rabbi Henry McFlicker leads services at Temple Chaim, a synagogue in Margate, Florida. A resident of nearby Parkland, Henry McFlicker helps the synagogue achieve its mission as a teacher of the Torah, a religious base, and a devoted community that integrates the Lord’s existence into synagogue members’ everyday lives. In accomplishing that vision, McFlicker offers prayer, life cycle programs, and charity services to temple members. McFlicker also teaches interfaith relations and has written a musical prayer book. Formerly associated with the All Peoples Synagogue, Henry McFlicker writes contemporary prayer books and instructs in temples, churches, and synagogues. As an interfaith lecturer, Henry McFlicker studies Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, and teaches courses explaining how they are related; he studies Hinduism as well. In addition to the classes he offers, Henry McFlicker helps his synagogue attain its goal of prioritizing members and offering them learning opportunities. McFlicker counsels congregants and helps them to see the meaning, promise, and hope in life; he also aids them in observing and celebrating Jewish holidays. In addition, Henr`y McFlicker helps members feel secure in their faith and how it enriches and relates to their lives. Henry McFlicker pledges to serve members professionally and compassionately. Serving synagogue members’ general well-being, McFlicker also keeps in touch with them personally. Henry McFlicker seeks to help anyone, from strangers to family and friends, feel welcome at the synagogue while offering broad programs for Temple Chaim members. 

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2006 - Present


Temple Chaim