After nearly two decades in the banking industry, Henry Liang established Zen Private Wealth Advisors, Inc., a Calabasas, California-based firm that provides comprehensive financial solutions to high-net-worth individuals. His advisory services include wealth and lifestyle management as well as consulting on personal assets and banking. In addition, Henry Liang assists clients with debt management and planning, evaluating the clientâ��s creditors with respect to financing structure, terms, and pricing. For clients planning to add luxury real estate to their portfolio, Henry Liang provides advisement in the acquisition process.Following an assessment of a clientâ��s financial position, Henry Liang recommends strategies regarding investments, real estate, financial planning, and insurance. He refers his clients to a network of strategic partners who specialize in various aspects of business. Over the years, Henry Liang has cultivated strong relationships with regional, national, and global private banks, as well as private equity and hedge fund companies. These resources assist the clients of Zen Private Wealth Advisors in making informed decisions regarding residential and commercial real estate financing and purchases in luxury assets like art, yachts, and aircraft. Henry Liang develops relationships with financial entities that will maximize his clientsâ�� wealth management through favorable terms and low cost of capital.With a vast entertainment industry market in the local region, Henry Liang also co-founded Zen Media Entertainment Group, Inc., an enterprise that integrates the financial and entertainment industries. The company arranges for the financing of creative endeavors, such as visual effects, sound design, 2D to 3D conversions, and online and digital projects. Zen Media Entertainment Group also serves as a conduit for financing the distribution of entertainment products.With a BS in Finance and Real Estate from California State University, Northridge, Henry Liang initially pursued a career in banking. He later completed his MBA in Investment Theory at Pepperdine University. He held various executive positions with Wells Fargo Private Mortgage Banking and Home Mortgage; Oakmont Mortgage, Inc.; Citigroupâ��s Citibank; First Choice Private Mortgage Banking, a division of First Capital and First Financial Public Company; and No Red Tape. Prior to starting his own consulting firm, he held the position of National Sales Director for Prospect Mortgage, LLC. His duties in this role included strategic planning and the supervision of growth initiatives, marketing, and sales.                           

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2008 - Present

Managing Principal

Zen Private Wealth Advisors, Inc.