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Work experience

Contract CEO

Associated Paint and Chemicals (Pty) Ltd.

Approached to take over management of loss making company:

  • Third largest paint & chemical company in South Africa - wholesale and retail, 23 branches, four factories – consolidated to one.
  • Restructured the business, reduced product range by 60%, divested low potential operations, opened 10 new branches, reduced cost by 7%, increased gross profit by 3%, established export function, increased cash sales from 18% to 27%, established contracts to supply major chain stores. Reduced number of loss making branches from 11 of 16, to 2 of 23.
  • Purchased competitor paint company. First operating profit in September 1997, cash positive by January 1998.

Executive Director

Labat Partners (Pty) Ltd.

Took management control of loss making hospitality and tourism group:

  • Previous failed turnaround of nine resorts/hotels; took control as CEO.
  • Turned company around, cash positive in 6 months, all creditors repaid within 10 months.
  • Occupancy up from 37% to 68%, major cost saving through retrenchment.
  • Developed and launched most successful online reservations and payment site in Southern Africa – major positive impact upon cash flow.
  • Closed down non profitable operations and generated first profit since inception.
Dec 2010Present

Task Order Manager

Black and Veatch

Electricity commercialization of Kandahar province. Turnaround assignment.

Mar 2008Nov 2010

Operations Director

Fairchild McMorran

Fairchild McMorran does turnkey Payments Solutions and Company Improvement projects internationally.

1. Implementation of a mobile financial service project in Pakistan. From conceptualization to project management. This is a combined telco and bank led model that is unique internationally because of the range of services being offered.

2. Compile SLA for proposed national banking infra structure and services project in Iraq.

3. Consulting for international IT company experiencing serious cash flow problems - symptomatic of both board and management neglect.

4. Develop a country strategy for late entry into the Indian Mobile Financial Services Market on behalf of an international card issuing company.

5. Strategy development for international mobile operator to enter the mobile financial services market in Southern Africa.

Represented International investment bank as Principal for international investments between $20 and $200 million. My focus was on developing countries in Africa, Asia and Middle East.

Nov 2006Feb 2008

Regional Investment Advisor & Portfolio Turnaround Leader


·Investment and business analyst, Portfolio and Financial Risk Management.

·Lead turnaround teams on 5 non-performing loan customers. Extensive financial/organizational restructuring, sales/marketing, systems and process improvement required.

Aug 2005Oct 2006


Income Electrix Limited

·High potential, underperforming company; assigned (by Amsco) to improve and to transfer


·Re-formulated business strategy; re-structured the company, implemented financial, CRM, ERP,

        Project Management systems.

·Expanded market in high potential African countries for both electrical engineering &

        telecommunications solutions. Exceeded target profit in 2006 by 115% - through tight project

        management, extensive systems implementation, cost reduction, establishing a high

        performance team culture and taking company international.

Jun 2004Jul 2005

Contract CEO

Plum Communications Limited

Establish a telecommunications company in Kenya; roll out franchises to Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda.

Established a national retail franchise network across Kenya. Established principal franchises in Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania.

·Products GSM, CDMA and telecommunications hard and software, public payphones and wireless airtime vending.

·Represented 3 international software companies and 3 hardware manufacturers.

·Handed over to Kenyan CEO.

May 2003May 2004


National Electricity Supply Company

·Turn around assignment for Revenue Collection part of the business.

·Restructured, MIS, IT, Management Development, Capacity Building, Systems design and installation, organisation culture change. (Increased revenue collection by 23%)

Oct 2001Apr 2003

Contract CEO

SAN Communications Limited

·Established a “Downstream GSM company” in Nigeria; franchises in all major centres (total of 23).

·Retail and wholesale (handsets, airtime vouchers, accessories), service, repairs.

·Handed over to Nigerian MD when established.

Sep 1999Oct 2001

Project Director

Corporate Intelligence

Managed two large projects to ensure performance improvement:

  • Insurance Company (Rentmeester); Interim CEO.
  • Restructured, took out entire level of management, cost reduction, service level improvement, strategic repositioning, new products developed, and increased sales. (Overhead cost reduction $5m, revenue +19% annualised).
  • Re-engineered processes and introduced workflow. (Lead time reduction -37%)
  • Goldfields Mining Group (Goldfields Ltd.); Established Group Centralised “surface engineering” function.
  • 7 Workshops established.
  • Took over transport from sub-contractors to transport 8,000 workers daily.
  • Cost reduction ($3m in 18 weeks).
  • Workshops new start ups, from feasibility to establishment and marketing of services. (Annualised savings $15m).
Oct 1992Dec 1996

Executive Manager - Business Development

  • Company employs 7000 (2300 direct reportables).
  • Responsibility - improvement of ROI.
  • Improved marketing and increased product shelf life (2 weeks to 12 weeks). Improved margins reduced processing time and cost through automation.
  • Secured funding for expansion and value added processing and led implementation.
  • Represented National Fresh Produce Export Growers and opened export markets in Europe.

Introduced by bank to company in 1992, because of mounting debt.

  • Improved cash flow, improved labour efficiencies, cut capex and costs, restructured, tightened financial and operational controls.

Senior Project Manager

Byrne Fleming PLC
  • Lead numerous business analyses and company improvement, project teams in diverse industries. See list below.


Retail & Wholesale



Manufacturing (From jobbing shops to Continuous - ERP/MRP)


Feedlots, Abattoirs, Butcheries



Government Departments

Mining (Gold, Coal, Asbestos, Diamonds)

Transport (Road, Air, Rail)

Armaments industry

Agriculture (Entire Value Chain)

Motor Spares and Accessories (Manufacture, Sales, Distribution)

Construction (Light & Heavy Engineering) Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Industrial.

Services (Hospitality, Consulting, Restaurants, IT)

Furniture (Manufacture, Wholesale, Retail)

Banking and Insurance


Health Care & Hospitals



Bachelors and Masters

Various South African


B.A. Law, Psychology, Philosophy

University of Stellenbosch

South Africa



B.A. Honours Psychology

University of Stellenbosch

South Africa



M.A. Clinical Psychology


South Africa

Port Elizabeth


Advanced Executive Programme (Fast Track “MBA”)

School for Business Leadership

South Africa



Diploma in Financial Management





Certified International Project Manager



New York





Executive & Project Management
VALUE ADDED:   ·        Seasoned Entrepreneur and Team Builder. ·        Expert cost reduction implementer. (6 Sigma) ·        Expert systems design and implementer. ·        Strategic thinker and implementer, expert change manager. ·        Extensive Organisation Development/Training/Mentoring/HR experience ·        Expert in Market Research &  focused sales and marketing. ·        Seasoned negotiator, presenter, public speaker, trainer, and influencer.   STRENGTHS: Ability to focus entire workforce and management on common goal. Financial/Strategic/Operations/General Management Marketing/Sales Inspires trust in sub-ordinates and boards of directors through impeccable integrity. Get the job done ·        Hands on, international experience - entire value chain.





To take control of a business or division to improve performance or to consult at board level for performance improvement.


Hennie holds degrees in Law, Business and Psychology from South African Universities. He has consulted and led project teams internationally for several large business consultancies who guarantee bottom line results. For the past twelve years banks and shareholders have called upon him to either start up several ventures or to turn underperforming companies around on a contract assignment basis. He has also managed a number of mergers and acquisitions for pre-listing purposes.

He has extensive business knowledge of analysing the underlying causes for poor performing organisations, the implementation of corporate recovery and the establishment of companies from concept to funding and implementation.

Companies turned around, performance improvement and establishment are diverse and fall into the following categories:

 1. Mining (Gold, Coal; underground, open cast, and surface operations)

 2. Timber (Milling, furniture manufacture, wholesale and retail)

 3. Tourism (All aspects from promotion to hotel and resort management, including game park   


 4. Engineering (From jobbing shops to civil, mechanical, and electrical and civil engineering


 5. Food (From the manufacture and wholesale/retail of animal feeds to packaged spices, soups,

    sauces and flavouring and the international marketing of these products.)

 6. Retail (FMCG, fresh fruit, vegetables, meat)

 7. Airways (Service level improvement to profit enhancement)

 8. Manufacture (Chemicals, Paint, Steel sheeting, Furniture, Household utensils, motor vehicle

    components, steel smelting, tinned food, etc.)

 9. Farming (Feedlots, abattoirs, crop and breed selection, first phase value addition, marketing fresh

    produce internationally, packing, post harvest management, transport and logistics including cold

    chain and controlled atmospheric management.) 10. Communication (GSM, CDMA, VOIP,


 11. Financial Services (Mobile Commerce, Banking and Insurance)

 12. Logistics Load brokering, vehicle scheduling.

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