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Bedrijfsorganisatie Adviesbureau Beekman

Training and instructing executives and supervisory staff.

Areas are: Business Administration, Logistics, General Management

Mar 2009Sep 2009

Interim general factory manager


Leading Manufacturing Operations on the site of an Dutch Multinational in the bicycle industry during the high season.


  • Production schedule completed as planned.
  • Contributed to the recruitment process for a permanent manager and a purchaser.
  • Put an additional assembly line at a sister plant into action for Sparta.
  • Bottle-neck installation improved. Down time reduction from 28% to <7>
  • Production quality index improved from 85 up to 94.
  • Structured the manufacturing organization.

Interim Manager


Leading clean-up project Enschede site according to contract with the owners. Total project size 50.000 m2 manufacturing/office surface in seven buildings.


  • Hand-over to owner according to lease contract on time
  • Clean-up completed without accidents
  • Financial result >$700k versus plan

Leading Manufacturing Operations on the Dutch site of an Multinational to the end of life phase.


·All KPI’s outnumbered (>10%)

·Realisation of the planned “soft landing”


Interim Manager


On contract- base, reporting to the owners of a company in the surface treatment branch, responsible for the cost –efficiency improvement of the production organization. This includes production re-organisation and the selecting of a new manager production.


  • Flexible capacity method implemented
  • Cost of repair reduced >30%.Failure time reduced >40%
  • Assessment system and training program implemented
  • Organization structure improved, successor trained

Interim Plant Manager


Ulamo is an company where customer-owned products gets an surface treatment.

On contract-base accepted the task to improve the organization and to increase the output of the new-installed coating line. Reporting to the CEO Coating responsible for the various surface treatment processes on two sites.


  • Development and implementation of an after calculation system
  • Implementation of an flexible production-schema
  • Increase output per head >30%
  • Improvement of the organization structure
  • Re-engineering and realization pre-treatment installation
  • Implementation Production Procedures Manual

Plant Manager

General Electric Power Controls

After the taking over by General Electric ,division Power Controls ,reporting to the vice –president Manufacturing responsible for the P&L Haaksbergen (220 employees)


  • Turn-around completed from private owned company into a GE plant
  • VCA certification completed
  • Integration location Amersfoort –Haaksbergen
  • Leading rerouting and expansion (3000qm) project
  • Cost reduction program completed in order to compensate 30% sales decrease

Adjunct Director Production

Odink & Koenderink

Odink & Koenderink is an private owned company in the electric power distribution Customers are distribution companies ,Installers and Telecom companies. Products are mainly customer specific.

Reporting to the CEO responsible for the manufacturing and logistics of the company.

As member of the MT also P&L responsible.


  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Implementation ERP system
  • Contributed to grow of 38MM euro sales and 330 employees
  • Take-over of an external department
  • Man-poor sheet metal production implemented.
  • Surface-treatment automated.
  • Leading various rerouting and rebuilding projects


Manager Production


Vredestein is a Dutch Concern in the rubber branch.In Enschede they develop and produce car tires and agricultural tires

Reporting to the Head of production responsible for the rubber production and component production.


  • Managing an department of app.200 employees
  • Implemented 4 shift system
  • Contributed to Q-101 acknowledgement
  • Implemented JSO operator training.
  • Contributed to production automation.

Works Manager


Dikkers developed and produced steelsafety-valves.Reporting to the Site manager responsible for molding and casting of all steel casting under certificate.


  • Completed foundry re-organization.
  • Contributed to new start –up of the foundry.
  • Contributed to N-stamp certificate.
  • Managing a department of app.80 employees.


Production Manager


Lips is a Dutch ship propeller manufacturer.In Drunen ship propellers are developed, produced and repaired.Reporting to the Head of Production responsible for the molding and casting of large propellers (10.5m diam,80 ton weight).


  • Implemented a new molding method VEM.
  • Writing instruction sheets for the joined ventures.
  • Integration molding department and melting department.
  • Managing a department of app.50 employees.



Bachelor Mech.Eng.



Use my knowledge and experience in manufacturing operations in such a way that measurable and lasting improvements are generated, both for the benefit of organization and individual.


My entire career I build up knowledge in a wide range of manufacturing processes (including supporting processes). This knowledge contains the whole range from single – and series production till flow – and process production. I operate on a senior executive level

Therefore I posses a broad experience in design, excecute – and improve these processes.

My goal is to control these processes, which fully fit to the market demand.

Since the gravity center is “change “I know the human being is the critical success factor.

This is my personal source of inspiration and motivation.

My added value is there ,where business strategy must be transformed into concrete processes procedures and staffing .By improving the level of knowledge in the organization , implementing and controllingchange (“what” and “how” must be clear) I realize these goals.

My personal characteristics are result driven, analytical insight, pragmatic, technical knowledge, stable, integer, friendly and patience. These characteristics help me to meet my targets.

For this reason I offer in crisis situations specific added value. I take away turbulence and restore confidence in a respectfull way.

In my approach I start up as a ‘builder” and I teach people to act and think as independent as possible.


Oct 2009Present

Prince 2 foundation




Business Administration


Metallurgica & Foundry

HTS Utrecht