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Work History

Oct 2013Present
Techno India NJR Institute Udaipur

Research Assistant

Developing technical notes/manuals on FEKO, Research on MoM and implementation of algorithms on GPU with CUDA C. Studies in EMI/EMC, Scattering and radiation problems

Jul 2011Sep 2013
Research Centre, Techno India NJR Institute Udaipur

Research Engineer (Applied Research)

  • Experimenting with new designs on FEKO, Designing Antennas, Guiding students in use of FEKO. Preparing FEKO learning manuals for novice, for International workshops
  • Taught laboratory and theory courses i) Antennas and Wave Propagation  ii) Microwave Lab iii) Wireless Communications  iv) Digital Communications  v) VHDL and FPGA vi) Signal Processing  vii) Digital Hardware Design Lab
  • Workshop conducted for final year students on design of antennas using FEKO and writing Research Papers, Conducted special sessions for Indian students on solving MIT Boston assignments to get them International exposure.
Jul 2011Present
Techno India NJR Institute Udaipur

Major experience gained/ Work completed

  • RF Design and simulation-  Simulation and Analysis of Passive Printed Components, Microstrip antennas, Dipole, Folded Dipole, Circular Loop, Monopole, Yagi-Uda, Helical, Rectangular and Conical Horn, Inverted-F, Log-Periodic and other structures
  • Research on Microstrip Antennas for UWB applications ( published two papers- Indexed on IEEE explorer)
  • Measurement of performance parameters using Vector Network Analyzers, ( S- Parameters, Return Loss, beam width and bandwidth, Anechoic Chamber usage in determining radiation patterns. Use of Spectrum Analyzers for spectrum related measurements.
  • Assisted local industries in measurement with VNA on RF circuits.
  • Guiding students in Prototyping using FPGAs, VHDL, VERILOG, Xilinx ISE, MODELSIM, Spartan-6, Spartan-3, MATLAB, Code Composer Studio
  • Implementation of Digital FIR filter on DSP TMS320C6713, Signals and systems with MATLAB

Domain of Interest/Work

Primary Domain

  • Antenna design and analysis using FEKO, Electromagnetic Simulation, Computational Electromagnetics, Method of Moments, FDTD
  • Simulation  of  High  Frequency  Structures, Waveguides,  Electromagnetic  scattering  and radiation using FEKO, Design of Microstrip Antennas and other Passive  structures  and performance  verification  with  VNA  and  Anechoic Chambers
  • Parallel  Execution  of  Algorithms  on  GPU using CUDA C, RF Modelling with MATLAB, EMI-EMC

Secondary Domain

  • Digital Design with Xilinx-ISA, Modelsim, VLSI designs, Strong hand in VHDL, VERILOG and FPGA based  implementations  of  Digital circuits

Research Papers

  1. “GPU acceleration of MoM for computation of performance parameters of strip dipole antenna”, International Congress on Information and Communication Technology (ICICT-2015), Udaipur, (to be published in Springer AISC series).
  2.  “Time-domain characterization of novel band notched microstrip antennas for UWB application”, International conference on “Microwaves, Radar and Remote Sensing Symposium (MRRS)”, 2014 IEEE, Page no 64-69.
  3. "A New Design of Band Notched Microstrip Antenna for UWB Applications", RADAR METHODS AND SYSTEMS WORKSHOP -2012, National Aviation University, Keiv, Ukraine.
  4. "Double Side Microstrip Antennas with three slots for UWB applications with band Rejection characteristics" RMSW-2012, National Aviation University, Keiv, Ukraine.

User Manuals for Labs, Workshops

  1. Antenna Simulation using electromagnetic simulation tool – FEKO
  2. Introduction to MATLAB
  3. Signals and Systems with MATLAB


One book under preparation – 250 pages completed on electromagnetic simulation, Probable publication in first quarter, 2016.


Jul 20132015
Techno India NJR Institute of Technology,  University – RTU, KOTA, Rajasthan


Specialization: VLSI, ( Thesis final submission stage- Completing by November 2015)

Thesis title: GPU  accelerated  MoM  based  radiation  analysis using NVIDIA  CUDA

(Advisor:  Prof.  Pradeep Chhawcharia, Director  Research, Techno NJR)

Development   languages : C, CUDA C, MATLAB ;  Simulator : FEKO

Synopsis: In this thesis, GPU is used to accelerate most compute intensive phase of CEM method MoM. Scattering and radiation analysis of metallic body using RWG basis and weighting function is considered for serial and parallel implementation. The peak speedup was measured to be about 30 that turn up about 4× faster execution when considering total MoM solution process.

Jun 2008Jun 2011
GITS Udaipur,   University – RTU, KOTA, Rajasthan


74.4% (Honours), Specialization - Electronics and Communication Engineering

Thesis title: Dual Band Microstrip  Antenna Design

 Simulator: CST Microwave Studio

Synopsis: In this thesis, dual band microstrip patch antenna is designed for technology oriented requirements of high speed WLAN (2.4GHz) and WiMAX (5.8 GHz) applications. The effects of various dimensional parameters were analyzed to get the optimized performance of the presented antenna.

May 2007
RBSE Ajmer, Rajasthan

Higher  Secondary  Exam


May 2005
RBSE Ajmer, Rajasthan

Secondary  Exam

84.3%, Gargi award by Balika Shiksha Foundation, Jaipur, Rajasthan for good grades

Technical Seminar/Presentation

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility of ICs and EMC standards
  • FPGA Architectures

Office Tools and Other Computer Skills

Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point, Adobe Photoshop

Co-curricular Interests

On line Technical Videos watching, reading about new technologies


Reading books, cooking

Technical Skills

  • FEKO, Electromagnetic field solvers, Theoretical analysis of electromagnetic fields, antenna designing, Wireless RF communication system, Microwave measurements
  • Use of numerical methods in solving electromagnetic field analysis problems
  • Experience in measurement using Vector Network Analyzer (6 GHz- Anritsu) , Spectrum analyzer – Rhode & Schewartz- 3 GHz with scalar network analysis capability
  • HFSS, CST Microwave studio, ADS, PUFF
  • Xilinx-ISE, Vivado, ModelSim, PSpice, Code Composer Studio for DSP based designs
Programming Languages
  • C, CUDA C, Bash

Text section

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