DW/BI Business Analysis

A business analyst can make a difference between success and failure of a project, particularly in business intelligence related initiatives.  It is not a coincidence that the word 'Business' comes first in both Business Intelligence and Business Analyst. The upmost responsibility of a Business Analyst is to form a liaison and be responsible for the communication and collaboration between business and IT.   As a Senior BI Business Analyst, I have performed several tasks as follows:   Developed project scopes, strategies and roadmaps working side by side with business community and IT management. Provided subject matter expertise to the IT department and recommended technology and BI tools to the business community. Drafted key business model documents translating business requirements in to conceptual, logical dimensional data models. This becomes the founding document for the BI initiatives. Developed and facilitated project plans working with steering committee, PMO and IT management. Formulated BI analysis, adhoc reporting, advance analysis and operational data needs. Represented stakeholders in various IT meetings providing domain expertise and business priorities Avoided being a communication barrier and more often acted as a communication broker providing right business resources to the IT development team. Frequently and periodically updated with the latest IT products, software, best practices to the business and IT department.

BI Pre Sales, Demo, PoC

BI sales is all about talking the business language and answering the galactic technical questions; it pays off to know your audience; demonstrating the BI is less about technology and more about the business stories. Treat every client as unique, but converse the common experience. They want to know that you got it all and you appreciate their uniqueness. 

BI/DW Project Management

Really there isn't much for the Project Management to kick in a BI initiative (hard to believe, I know). It always looks good to be called a good Project Manager or to have great PM skills (and don’t forget the PMI certificate), but when it comes down to the BI, the PM takes the back seat; what drives is the sheer understanding of the BI, the architecture, business analysis and your attitude. Sure I have done tremendous BI Project Management work and excelled in it, I exemplify how a BI Project Management is different than a typical OLTP application.

Star Schema

When was the last time you saw a super BI application with a weak star schema? You may have not; it does not exist. This is what I think when I put my data modeling skills and resources to build the star schema. Have clearly defined conceptual, logical and physical model. Data Warehouse star schema is for business, not for IT and for sure not for DBAs and developers’ needs.

Data modelling

Your application is as good as the undelying data model. Understanding the true business requirements behind the data model is half the battle, making your data model truly reflect the business is the other half. Understand the clear distinction between a data model for an OLTP system and a star schema for an OLAP application. Not one model can support both Experience has taught me something - as a data modeler you either create friends or you create great models! Let business choose what it wants.

Data Integration, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

An executive level Data Integration, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence architect with more than 14 years of "extremely happy business executives" experience. Truly believes that 'Business'  comes before IT puts the 'Intelligence' behind it. Speaks the Data Integration, Data Warehousing and BI language.   Mantra for success: Start Small (avoid big-bang theory, don't try to boil the ocean). A big portion of the success lies in the way you conduct business analysis. Be bold to ask the right questions, select the right audience, steer the interview process in the right direction and set up the right expectation.  The magic lies in the data model (Star Schema). Take care of your data model and it will take care of your BI. A good tool is not a replacement for your bad BI strategy. Tools don't do the magic; they simply perform your execution. Stand up against the influential demand of ‘I want all’. Convince/educate users why there are grocery stores (data source with all) and why there are kitchens (your data mart). Ask the bold question –Do you want me to bring entire grocery store to your kitchen? As a consultant I will be happy to do so! They will understand and appreciate your struggle. No tool is perfect, no data model is perfect. What works for the user is ideal.

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2004 - Present


Cube Intelligence Corporation, Boston, MA
ENTERPRISE IMPACT: *Directed, managed and implemented a multi-million dollar MassHealth Analytics Unit project of the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) and Commonwealth of Medicine/UMass, leading MassHealth's recognition as one of the nation's most sophisticated Medicaid offices. *Furnished analytical solution for business users and executive dashboard for senior management at CHCF, UMass through a ground-breaking architecture for state/government agencies. Directed, managed and designed a universal healthcare anaylitical model based on HL7 RIM, MSIS, MMIS, PHCDM & MITA that streamlined the analysis of medical claims, conforming to HIPPAA compliance and developing logic for Family Planning Reimbursement program for more than $8M in revenue from the federal/CMS agency. *Designed analytical solution for provider compliance with annual revenue of $23M and projected cost savings of $20M. *Improved client/vendor communications and stabilized delivery process for UMass Case Tracking System. *Initiated and conceptualized the roadmap for a future Master Data Management & Data Integration solution (annual budget of $2.8M) for Boston University. *Consolidated customers/riders/premiums, unified product information, integrated policay details and enabled immediate access to policy analysis through partnership with top management/users at life insurance giant SBLI. Developed their first-ever Enterprise Data Warehouse. *Expanded consulting practices and developed business intelligence strategies as Director of Operations/Pre-Sales Solution Architect for Cube Intelligence. Authored RFP proposals and expanded data warehousing consulting practice. *Strengthened revenue by launching new accounts and achieved significant market penetration, forging key partnerships with Informatica, Business Objects, Corda and Netezza.
Apr 2008 - Jul 2008

Lead Informatica Architect

Stop & Shop
Took on assignment to design, develop and implement Informatica/Integration Competency Center (ICC), Informatica Installation on Suse Linux, Informaitca Data Explorer for Data Profiling, Informatica Data Quality for cleansing, and Informatica PowerCenter for creating source to target mappings. KEY CONTRIBUTIONS: *Provided an overview of the Informatica product suite and all the option available as part of Informatica PowerCenter Advance Edition. *Evaluated various implementations and licensing options with Informatica such as Master Data Management, Data Cleansing and Matching, Data Federation, Data Masking, Data Profiling, Enterprise Grid, High Availability, Mapping Generation, Metadata Exchange, Partitioning, Pushdown Optimization, Real Time, Team-Based Development, and Unstructured Data. *Worked as a liaison between Informatica Corporation and the IT team for procuring license, pricing and installation.
Jul 2004 - Aug 2006

DW Architect/Project Manager

Saving Bank Life Insurance
Life Insurance Management Business Intelligence and Consolidated Reporting System: worked as a project manager/data warehouse architect on a Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse project for SBLI, a Life Insurance Company based in Woburn, MA. Performed project management, business analysis, data warehouse architecture, designing logical and physical data models, building Operational Data Stores and star schema, performance tuning, interaction with senior managers including CIO and VPs. KEY CONTRIBUTIONS: *Conducted database design, DBA support, writing Unix Shell scripts, and complete ETL processing using Oracle Warehouse builder. *Developed PL/SQL procedures, tuned SQL, developed reports using TOAD, Crystal Reports and Oracle Discoverer, created prototype using MS SQL Server 2000, MS Analysis Services and ProClarity, and trained users and developers.
2002 - 2004


Oracle OLAP Technology, Burlington, VT
KEY CONTRIBUTIONS: *Propelled OLAP product management as Senior Product Manager and keynote speaker for Oracle OLAP Server Technology Group with accountability for product positioning, demonstration, customer support, issue resolution, product integration and reference program management.
Aug 1997 - Nov 2002


Oracle Consulting Services, Burlington, MA
KEY CONTRIBUTIONS: *Implemented standardized healthcare reporting system as Project Manager/Data Warehouse Architect for Wellpoint. *Authored specifications, devised prototypes and managed off-shore development. *Technical Lead in developing a massive data warehouse for Ford Motor Company.
May 2000 - Nov 2000

Contractor - DW Architecture

Ernst and Young
Worked with Ernst and Young consulting company at Ford Tech Center in Detroit through Oracle Corporation. *Served as Master Data Modeler/Data Warehouse Architect.
May 1997 - Aug 1997

Senior Associates

Senior Associates with PWC (Coopers & Lybrand) based out of Burlington, MA office. *Managed for Data Warehouse Architecture, Data Modeling and ETL.
1997 - 1997


Coopers & Lybrand, STT, Burlington, MA
*Provided data mart development for a dental insurance client by steering technical specifications elicitation, logical/physical modeling and designing ETT PL/SQL prodedures. *Software applications include Oracle 7.3, Designer, PL/SQL and Business Object.
May 1996 - Nov 1996

Lead Data Modeler

Deloitte and Touche
Worked with Deloitte and Touche through Synetics Corp. *Lead Data Modeler for developing a Child Welfare System for Commonwealth of Massachusetts.



Master of Science

Institute of Technology and Management
1991 - 1993

Master of Business Administration

Institute of Technology and Management


Growth and strategy-driven leader with more than 15 years of achievements, driving on-time, successful delivery of Data Integration, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence products and services to Fortune 500 clients that transform business data into business results.

A proven Thought Leader that understands the market and customers' needs excels at crafting strategy, business-technology liaisons, long-term vision and roadmaps for today's data integration and data management challenges.

As a Chief Data Management Architect propel data integration and data warehousing methodologies, architecture, and implementation processes from requirements facilitation to quality assurance and maintenance.

As a Chief Executive Officer demand strategic growth of new products and services based on market dynamics and current data challenges. Innovate, discover, invest, empower and transform the way businesses make executive decisions.

Extensive experience in Healthcare, State & Federal Government, Higher Education, Insurance, Manufacturing and Finance industries. Notable clients include GE Power, GE Capital, Ford, US Air, US Navy, Tyco/Kendall, Harvard University, AT & T, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Boston University and Saving Bank Life Insurance.


To transform my passion, energy, experience and knowledge of Business Intelligence in to a roadmap of success for my clients.

Lead a team of project managers, architects, developers and business associates to deliver a powerful, revolutionizing Business Performance Management solution that can visualize most critical business decisions.

Be the change agent as a CTO, Managing Director, VP or other senior level executive



Oracle Database Administration

Oracle Corporation

Microsoft Business Intelligence Professional

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