I am a strategic technical leader with  5.5 years of industry experience spanning three countries USA, Netherlands and India. An accelerated career perhaps attributable to my openness to learn, my desire to succeed through commitment and sacrifice, and my ability to define creativity through thought. I have worked in companies of varying size from big corporations like Amazon and Microsoft to smaller companies like Optimizely and Postmates. After completing my school education, I was enrolled in Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad (ranked 8th in India for Engineering Education). Since then I have used my education to help solve strategic problems for my employers and develop my skills further. 

Work experience
Work experience
Oct 2014 - Present
Software Engineer

Been part of multiple teams, managing logging and metric infrastructure,  part of the team to build courier android app, worked on improvements in dispatch system, miscellaneous changes to make operations more efficient. 

Jun 2013 - Oct 2014
Software Engineer, Lead - Mobile SDK

Presented with an opportunity to build a product from ground up grabbed it with both hands. As a first engineer on iOS project I built the prototype and finally taking it to consumers. Worked on all parts to make it happen. Built a prototype Android SDK as part of my hack week project.

Jun 2012 - Jun 2013
Software Engineer

Part of team responsible for pricing the Amazon catalog across the whole world. Was responsible for revamping and redesigning Demand Monitor from ground up.

The demand monitor  is responsible for catching price errors in amazon catalog by constantly watching change in demand for various items.

Lead effort to reduce human intervention in Demand Monitor using Machine Learning. We quickly realized at current stage the scope of reducing human intervention is limited due to limited skewed data. Part of 3 person team to build new Machine Learning based pricing engine. I worked as a individual contributor helping a senior member of team execute this project at faster rate with quick prototyping and analysis.

Jun 2010 - Jun 2012
Software Engineer

Shipped Office Mobile for Nokia Symbian and Beta Stage Office Mobile for iPhone.

  • Part of 3-person team primarily responsible for PowerPoint, but also worked on Excel and Word.
  • Worked with PM and Test stakeholders for quality release of the software on both platforms. The primarily challenges were mostly design in nature, office codebase running across different mobile platform. We followed MVVM design pattern hence separating out AppUX and AppModel, to enable better reusability.
  • I owned and shipped many different features, fixed tons of bugs across all different platforms, Improved 1 app startup by 2 seconds(earlier startup time was 6 seconds). Abstracting out common functionality among different apps for better organization of code base.
  • Lead an initiative to familiarize Developers with intricacies of good UX and Design concepts, which resulted in reduce number of design iteration in final phase of project.


  • Obtained 36th rank in Indian National Mathematics Olympiad. (1st in Country North East Region).
  • Among top ten in more than thirty programming contest (ACM ICPC Regionals, IIT Guwahati, NSIT,Topcoder).

Worked at Microsoft


Elasticsearch, InfluxDB, Salty, Nagios 


Postmates Courier Android App

Ruby on Rails
built my startup https://github.com/fameoflight/hirehub

Optimizely SDK