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Helena Naumi

BA (Hons) in Business Studies (Finance and Accounting)- City College, International Faculty of Sheffield University


Motivated and eager to learn graduate with an interest to the modern financial environment. Currently seeking an entry level position in the financial or IT sector. Aiming to find an opportunity in Europe and to introduce myself in the business world.



July 2015- August 2015 (6 weeks)

Done volunteering work to empower the local community through Global Citizen program in Alexandria, Egypt . Participated in  AMAL project which had to do with entrepreneurship and business start-up ideas. Attended several seminars and presented to local college students about a variety of concepts such as: 

Market research methods and SWOT analysis

Business Plan and Project management

Strategy, marketing plan and networking

Financial Plan, fundraising and project implementation

Been selected as the team leader of one of the two groups inside the project. Designed several posters to promote the events.  


Jun 2016Sep 2016

Hydro-power Firm

EnRel Hydro

Construction, Production & Sale of electricity.


Analytic financial decision support. Designed business plans. Managing marketing activities in seek of partnerships in the Balkan market. Responsible for managing capital investment projects.

Sep 2015Sep 2015


Regional Development Agency (S.M.E)

Contribution in providing valuable assistance to the financial manager and improving the quality of the business consulting services, business plans, business training courses.

Jul 2014Aug 2014

Residential Buildings Firm



financial scenarios, cost tracking,business consulting,preparation of business plans and budgets,project management, administration of Excel documents 

Aug 2013Aug 2013

Travel Agency

Sava Tours


Customer service,travel arrangements ,access to hotel deals ,airfares,information about offerings,recommendations.


Spring semester 2016 and Fall semester 2016

Working as an assistant on IT classes for a whole semester in "Information Technology for Management" module. Assisted 1st level undergraduate students of City College.

Currently, assisting 2nd level undergraduate students in the academic unit "Decision Making with Information Technology". Projects included: Database, SPSS, Project Management.


Average Total Mark (Fall semester,2015): 86

Excellent knowledge in Microsoft Office, Abode Photoshop, Internet applications and Website design, technical support.

Basic coding :SQL,Python.

Quite familiar with Linux, Google Analytics, SPSS,Database,Data mining, Cloud Computing, Project management  

Skilled in research,accessing,analyzing and presenting data.


Oct 2014Nov 2014

Successfully completed Round 1 of : Universities Business Challenge United Kingdom 2014-15


The Universities Business Challenge is designed around business simulations as a competitive experiential learning challenge to develop:

• enterprise skills for start-ups


Agnes Brunet

Thessaloniki, 5 November 2013

Ms Helena Naumi was a student of mine in the course Introduction to Law.

She has always been enthusiastic about the course and was eager to participate in class discussions.

She is an open-minded person, mature beyond her years, self-motivated and shows great interest in a lot of topics.

I have no hesitation in recommending her as a good candidate for any job she has applied for.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

[email protected]