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Educating students is the teacher’s main aim. It’s important to instill the value of education in students and show them that they are responsible for their own learning. I am keen to take on this position to make a difference in the lives of students by improving and optimizing their education by breaking down concepts to help assist students with to gaining skills, improve understanding, build on their prior knowledge and cater for the needs of all students in the classroom


K- 12

St Euphemia College 

Greek Orthodox School  

4 Year Trained Teacher 

University of Notre Dame


Work experience


Bankstown Intensive English Centre 
  • Classroom teacher, specific teaching focus, Mathematics, Language, HSIE, AND Music.
  • Organised excursions for students
  • Ran music classes
  • Extra support classes during recess and lunch

Casual Primary Teacher 

St Spyridon College 
  • Casual Employment 
  • Working with K to 6 

SGAOPA Dance Teacher 

St George Academy of Performing Arts 
  • Dance teacher
  • Age 3-6 Jazz
  • Age 8-16 hip hop
  • Age 8-16 Tap

Design and Technology Teacher/ Casual Teacher

St Euphemia College
  • Temporary – Block Term 2 and term 3 2014
  • Design and Technology Year 7 – 12
  • High school
  • Casual teaching

Dance Teacher 

  • Run school holiday dance classes in Brisbane Age 3 to 18

Practicum History 


Saint Margret, Mary’s Catholic School

April- June

2011        YEAR 5- 6


  • Experience as a classroom teacher for 10 weeks, assisted by the classroom teacher. Focus KLA areas English and Mathematics



Mascot Public School

July- September

2012       YEAR 1

(School with a variety of ESL learners)


  • Experience as a classroom teacher for 10 weeks, assisted by the classroom teacher. Focus KLA areas English and Mathematics, HSIE and Science
  • Created own unit of work
  • Involved in running after school classes for students who needed help with homework.



Daceyville Public school

July- September

2013         YEAR 4


  • Behaviour/ ESL learners
  • Experience, Internship, involved having a class who I had been responsible for, for 10 weeks, I had taken charge of the classroom, planning and programing across all KLA areas
  • Involovement in sporting events (sport carnival events, dance, and reading for gifted and talented)



Long history of dancing, netball and basketball all throughout high school, enthusiastic about schools sports, PE lessons and sports carnivals. I have taught dancing for a number of years

Design / Art

Experience in design and art. I have studied this throughout my years at school and furthered my study in majoring in design and technology at university.


I have played the recorder throughout high school, school choir. In my last practicum helped out with the end of year concert which consisted of my students singing



Worked extensively with students of different abilities (gifted and talented as well as those with learning difficulties/ special needs).

Communication Skills

Gained  communication skills in working at a hairdressing salon and a café enabling me to interact with people


Programing on the computer, using the Interactive Whiteboard for appropriate lessons, developing web quests, familiar with various programs such as Mathletics. Experienced in using an ipad to expand on students’ ways of learning including the creation of animations