Steven Heindl

Steven Heindl

Selected Achievements and Results

Problem Solving

Analyzed weaknesses in product training and created an updated training program for all new employees at

Completely revamped training manual.

Wrote and delivered training presentations using PowerPoint and Captivate software.

Scheduled training calendar working with all department managers.

Resulted in promotion to training coordinator and decreased average ramp up time of new agents by an average of three months.

Conducted a performance analysis addressing meeting effectiveness at Used the ADDIE model to identify gaps in optimal and actual performances of the meetings.

Conducted goal and audience analysis to develop job aids that helped training presenters develop a more targeted, goal oriented and efficient meeting.

Resulted in greater agent satisfaction with the meetings and fewer mistakes from agent sales.

Multimedia Creativity

Designed and developed a travel website for Bundl Travel. Organized page hierarchy and site map using Inspiration software.

Created easy to navigate pages relying on basic principles of web design using HTML, CSS, and Dreamweaver tools.

Prepared and uploaded images to the web using Photoshop and Picnik software. Adhered to all section 508 regulations for accessibility.

Resulted in aesthetically pleasing website with easy navigation and useful audience information.

Wrote press releases for the American Red Cross regarding their work in the community.Monitored entire process from writing and preparation of accompanying art to the mailing and tracking of the stories in the media.

Resulted in increased awareness of Red Cross events and services.


Coordinated travel arrangements for San Francisco International Film Festival 1999-2003. Other corporate clients included Monster Cable, Great Place to Work, Silicon Genetics, AI Architecture, and the San Francisco Butoh Festival.

Resulted in promotion to corporate accounts manager.

Organized a vendors project for that merged disparate information (including contact information, booking procedures, accounting information and ticketing instructions) from three departments into one user-friendly vendor database.

Resulted in time saved by all departments and increased reliability of real-time information.

Qualifications Summary

A consummate professional with demonstrated leadership ability,  including needs assessment, curriculum design, class delivery and excellent written and oral communication skills.

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 1999 - Oct 2003

Travel Advisor/Corporate Supervisor

Travel Zone


Jun 2009 - Present

Instructional Technology

currently attending evening classes towards my Master's

Jun 1997