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Heidi Lou Mayer Reis

Experienced EFL teacher at Casa Thomas Jefferson- Brazil

Work experience

Mar 2006Present

EFL teacher

Casa Thomas Jefferson  

I have chosen to work at Casa Thomas Jefferson because of its profile. Casa Thomas Jefferson is a nonprofit Bi-national Center,  founded in 1963. This means that its primary goal is to promote cultural exchange between the people of the American continents : Brazil and the United States . This exchange occurs through English language teaching and the promotion of the culture of both countries. Therefore, in addition to the regular and special courses , prepared in accordance with modern teaching techniques , the institution offers a number of services that are available to the community .For over five decades  it's amazing work has been recognized by the US Embassy , which has given  CTJ the certificate of excellence in its field in Brazil. In 2015, CTJ was the only bi-national center in the world to be recognized by the US Department of State as an "American Space". With this, the  CTJ  American Space provides a welcoming environment where students ,  parents and the local community can connect and learn about the American culture and language by creating memorable experiences through activities, exhibits, and programs. Digital Media, Maker Activities, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, US History and Culture, Health, Environment, Education and Education Diplomacy are the main focus of the CTJ American Space.

Being 100% bilingual ( Portuguese- English ) and having lived in many different places around the world, has made me a highly experienced EFL teacher. It has brought me to work with students with a great variety of backgrounds. In addition, I find myself teaching  all levels of English with a wide number of goals. Some examples are English for traveling; English for studying abroad; basic , intermediate and advanced writing; translation Portuguese/English; preparation for job interviews; preparation for the TOEFL, SAT, GRE and the Michigan. In addition to teaching, I have the responsibility to elaborate assessments  as well as write out reports . Another thing I've been involved in is accompanying students abroad, helping them adapt to the new culture , filling out forms, arranging their room and board, tutoring their studies and giving them emotional support.

One more thing I would like to point out is that I feel it's important to be part of innovation. So being,  I'm a member of the BRAZ- TESOL in Brazil, along with being a founder of the GEG Brasilia, which is a non profit Google community of educators that like to use technology in class.

    Apr 1984Mar 2006

    EFL teacher

    Interamericano Brazil- Estados Unidos de Curitiba

     Being an EFL ( (English as a Foreign Language) teacher envolves not only teaching the English language, but also the American culture itself. In the area for a long time and constantly enriching my knowledge, I became envolved with English student's theater, Translation ( English/Portuguese) and preparing proffesionals for job interviews as well as for the TOEFL, SAT, GRE and the Michigan.

    Feb 1984Apr 1984

    Educational USA Advising Office Assistant

    Casa Thomas Jefferson

    The Education USA Advising Center (EAC) provides quality, timely, accurate, unbiased information about all accredited U.S. higher education institutions for people wishing to study in the U.S. EAC provides accurate, comprehensive, current, and unbiased information on educational opportunities in the United States.



    Agronomy Engineering

    Universidade de Brasilia UnB

    Having lived in many different places around Brazil, gave me the opportunity to take the same undergraduate degree in more than one university.


    High school

    Colegio Objetivo

    I did all of my high school in Brazil.

    Jan 19621971

    Elementary school

    PK Young Elementary School

    In 1972 I moved to Brazil.


    Bilingual: Portuguese - English

    I am 100 % bilingual. I can speak, read, write and understand both English and Portuguese. I'm totally fluent in both languages.


    Year 2015

    * BRAZ-TESOL Seminar - BRAIN-FRIENDLY TEACHING- Brasilia, Brazil- May 8th

    Year : 2014

    * BRAZ-TESOL Seminar - TEACHING IN A BRAVE NEW WORLD - Brasilia, Brazil - March 14th

    * 10th CTJ TEFL Seminar - DARING AND DOING : THE FIRST DECADE- Brasilia, Brazil - July 18th

    * BRAZ-TESOL Seminar -  BE ALL YOU CAN BE- Brasilia, Brazil - October 3rd

    Year : 2013

    * BRAZ-TESOL Seminar - " TELLING OUR ELT STORIES " - Brasilia, Brazil  - May 17th

    * 2nd ALUMNI, CTJ, IBEU TEFL CONFERENCE - Brasilia, Brazil - July 17th-19th

    * VIDEO TEACHING REVOLUTION WORKSHOP - Brasilia, Brazil - October 22nd

    * BRAZ-TESOL Seminar - THE IMAGE CONFERENCE - Brasilia, Brazil - October 25th

    Year : 2012

    * 9th CTJ TEFL Seminar - "JUGGLING THE OPTIONS" - Brasilia, Brazil - July 23rd-24th

    * BRAZ-TESOL Seminar - " GOING FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH " - Brasilia, Brazil - October 5th

    Year : 2011


    * PLEASE UNDERSTAND ME!- A TRUE TEEN REALITY - Brasilia, Brazil - February 9th

    * 4th TECH FRIDAY- FROM TOOLS TO PROJECTS WORKSHOP - Brasilia, Brazil - September 2nd

    * BRAZ-TESOL Seminar - CONNECTING WITH OUR LEARNERS TODAY -  Brasilia, Brazil - October 7th


    Year : 2010

    * DIVERSITY IN THE CLASSROOM WORKSHOP - Brasilia, Brazil - February 26th

    * 8th CTJ TEFL Seminar - " IN CHARGE OF CHANGE " - Brasilia, Brazil - July 22nd-23rd

    Year : 2009

    * 7th CTJ TEFL Seminar - " DRIVING DEVELOPMENT " - Brasilia, Brazil - July 22nd-24th

    Year : 2008

    * 32nd BRAZ-TESOL Seminar -  MODERNIZING ELT - Brasilia, Brazil - May 30th


    * 6th CTJ TEFL Seminar - PROFECTING PROFILES - Brasilia, Brazil - July 24th-26th

    * " CONVERSATION ANALYSIS " WORKSHOP - Brasilia, Brazil - October 3rd

    Year : 2007

    * 6th CTJ TEFL Seminar - "MINDS WIDE OPEN"- Brasilia, Brazil- July 5th

    Year: 2003

    * COMMUNICATIVE COMPETENCE COURSE- Curitiba, Brazil- July 4th

    Year: 2001

    * 4th SOUTHERN CONE TESOL Convention- Curitiba, Brasil- July 12th-15th

    * Certificate of honor and merit- Considered highly engaged, beyond showing great loyalty and pride in the institution, as well as community involvement.- Curitiba, Brazil- November 13th

    Year 2000

    * LEARNING STYLES SEMINAR- Curitiba, Brazil- Feburary- 23rdto25th

    * North American Pronunciation Course- Curitiba, Brazil- August 8th

    Year 1999

    * 24th Alumni TEFL Conference- Advanced Oral Skills- Teaching Business English-Sao Paulo, Brazil-  July 4th to July 8th

    Year 1997

    * Proffesional EFL Recycling Course- Curitiba, Brazil- December 8thth

    * Academic Training In Educacional Psychology- Curitiba, Brazil- December 9th

    * Academic Training In Methodology- Curitiba, Brazil- Deceber 10th to 12th

    Year 1996

    * School Quality- Curitiba, Brazil- March 13th

    Year 1995

    * THE THREE DIMENSIONS OF GRAMMAR SEMINAR- Curitiba, Brazil- April 10th to 13th

    * Pronunciation and spelling seminar- Curitiba, Brazil- Feburary 15th-16th

    Year 1986

    * TEACHER TRAINING COURSE- Independent British Institute- Brasilia, Brazil

    * "Intergrating Writing and Reading into Basic and Intermediate Levels" Seminar- Curitiba, Brazil- July 21st to 25th