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I am currently a mixologist at the Four Winds Casino and Resort.  I have been part of the Four Winds family since the doors were opened to the public in August '07.  After being turned away by the beverage manager, I returned to the casino determined to leave with a job.  I convinced the manager to let me start as a barback and I moved my way into a bartending position in less than 6 weeks.  I am a good bartender, but tending bar is more than serving drinks, it is about taking care of people and giving the best guest service possible.  Many guests know me and ask for me by name! 

Work experience



Four Winds Casino

At the Four Winds Casino, my top priority is to strive to make my guests happy.  It does not matter whether I am changing the paper in a slot machione or mixing a tropical drink... what matters is that my guest is satisfied. 



Country Roads Bar and Grill

I made my guests happy by providing great guest service and alcohol

I handled money as well as complaints and food

I closed the bar and secured the building at the end of the night

I learned a lot about tolerance


Youth Minister

Saint Patrick Catholic Church

As a youth minister I arranged group activities for the teenagers in my parish.  I earned the trust and respect of the youth in the parish.


Set dresser/ Gang boss/ Actor

Film and Television Industry

Between 1989-2005  I worked on 8 feature films from start to finish.  In that time I also worked on several television series and commercials.  As a setdresser I was respo0nsible for many things.  I purchased and rented props and furniture.  I provided props to the actors .  I painted sets and was always prepared for troubleshooting whatever needed to be done.


Sep 1986Jun 1989

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Va. Commonwealth University