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English teacher Hege Abrahamsen uses her skills in communication and motivation to yield excellent results in the classroom. An educator of young adults in middle school and high school, Abrahamsen seeks to create a nurturing learning environment and to engage students in a lifelong educational process. Leveraging various instructional strategies in both individual and group settings, Hege Abrahamsen endeavors to relate her students’ education to their own life experiences, thus making learning relevant, valuable, and enduring.

Currently, Hege Abrahamsen works with students of Connecticut’s Norwalk High School in an after-school program that focuses on college-preparatory applications and placement exams. Concurrently, she pursues a Master’s degree at the University of Bridgeport. Abrahamsen has taught English abroad in Ecuador and is fluent in Norwegian and Spanish as well as English. 

Hege Abrahamsen acquired years of in-classroom experience while in her former teaching position at McIntosh County Academy in Darien, Georgia. Abrahamsen taught English to students in grades 9-12 at all academic levels, including those pursuing college-level exposure via Advanced Placement classes. Additionally, she taught three levels of Spanish, chaired the Language Arts Department, and acted as Literary Coordinator. She mentored students in several extracurricular organizations, including coaching the debate team, serving as Assistant Director for theatrical productions, and creating and sponsoring the Help Our Planet Earth (HOPE) club.

While at McIntosh County Academy, Hege Abrahamsen earned several special accolades for her exceptional academic results. She helped senior students raise their Scholastic Aptitude Test scores by an average of 124 points; her efforts also increased passing scores for the state-mandated writing test by 18 percentage points. In Abrahamsen’s second year at the school, she won Teacher of the Month twice, and two years later, she earned the distinction of STAR Teacher of the Year.

Abrahamsen enjoys reading and traveling in her spare time and is a member of the American Federation of Teachers. She currently resides in Norwalk. 

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