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Heenal Patel

Recent graduate

  • Perth, WA
  • 0432440814




  • Research project: Experimental Hydrodynamic studies in Multiphase Stirred Tank using high speed imagery and optical probes.
    • Assisted in the design of an experimental procedure to study bubbles in a rectangular tank using high speed cameras.
    • Calibrated optical probes using high speed imagery.
    • Digitally processed images obtained via the high speed imagery using imageJ/Fiji software and applied tracking algorithms in order to track the bubbles.
    • Post-analysed all the data obtained using excel sheets in order to obtain bubble properties such as diameter and bubble velocity.
  • Final Design project: Assigned as the group leader by the team members and effectively designed a natural gas plant, including an individual detailed operational and mechanical design of a depropanizer column.
  • Achievements: Engineers Australia Certificate of Merit for Engineering Sustainable Development.

Work History

Nov 2015Mar 2016

Engineering Intern

  • Followed a series of chemical pre-treatment steps on metal products before they were sent off to be powder-coated.
  • Set up an excel spreadsheet to easily input customer requirements on each order, which improved the company's efficiency by at least 20%.
  • Followed through maintenance procedures at the workshop.
  • Helped reduce shipping costs for the company by locating a replacement for the chromic acid that can be sourced from within Australia rather than from overseas.
  • Complied with health and safety standards.
  • Performed a series of tests that helped determine the suitability of paints for their intended use. Tests included the cure test, impact testing, solvent resistance testing and surface softness testing.
Jul 2014Present


Independent Contractor
  • Transcribe interviews, demonstrations, voice mail messages, focus groups, meetings and court hearings with an accuracy of 99%.
  • Promoted to the QC (quality check) position for one of the companies I worked for.
  • Perform research for audio files with a subject I am not familiar with to ensure high levels of accuracy.
  • Exhibit self-discipline having to work from home.
  • Format text in to client specific requests.
  • Display good command over language-both formal as well as colloquial, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Type fast and accurately, with speeds up to 70 wpm.
  • Safely handle highly sensitive information.
Nov 2014Mar 2015

Volunteer Tutor

Nyabioto junior school for orphans
  • Assisted in teaching mathematics to students aged 5 to 12.
  • Worked effectively with students with diverse learning needs.
  • Coordinated with the supervisors at the orphanage to organise fun activities to do with the children during the weekends. 
  • Taught theories of addition, subtractions, multiplication, division to younger students and concepts of patterns, pre-algebra, fractions and basic geometry to older students.
Mar 2012Jun 2014


IGA(Altone shopping center)
  • Reduced waiting time for customers by providing quick services.
  • Attained success in balancing the cash after an extremely busy holiday season following many discrepancies in cash-against-items-sold.
  • Achieved Employee of the Month Award following customers' feedback in providing excellent service.
  • Delighted customers with consistent and pleasant services which resulted in at least a 20% increase in returning customers.
  • Kept the work area clean, well stocked and organized - Increased efficiency by 20%.
  • Successfully trained 3 junior cashiers over a period of just 2 months.

Campus Involvement/ Memberships

Women In Chemical Engineering (WiCkED)

  • Volunteered with fund raising activities.
  • Took part in the events organised by the club. 

Engineers Australia – Student Membership Since 2012

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) – Student Membership Since 2014

Association of Chemical Engineering Students (ACES) - 2013


        Name: Hajer Al Jorany

        Position: Manager

        Company: IGA

        Phone No.: 0421579397

Name: Davendra Varsani

Position: Director

Company: Ultracote Powdercoaters

Phone No: 0412189956