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Professional Organizations

Mantis Knives USA, The Sharper Image Company, Polaroid Corporation, The Famous Trails Company, Westwayz International Trading, Alegna Investments, www.Bladesports.ORG


Jared West serves as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mantis Knives, a multi-million dollar tactical cutlery company that sells top-of-the-line products to over 40 countries throughout the world. Under Jared West’s leadership, Mantis Knives has grown to international prominence. Recently, Blade Magazine conferred an honorable mention on Mantis Knives as one of the Top 10 Knives of the Decade. Moreover, Jared West possesses considerable talent as a graphic artist and industrial designer. After establishing Mantis Knives, Jared West began working for The Sharper Image as a Licensed Product Line Manager. In this position, Jared West designed the 2010 lineup of Metal Detectors and Night Vision Scopes. Jared West studied Business Administration and Accounting at Loyola Marymount University in California. Jared West graduated with honors and achieved a longstanding record in weightlifting. At present, Jared West lives in Southern California, where he supports his community by participating in the Consciousness Centre of Orange County, The Crossing Church, and Fullerton Children’s Repertory Theatre. A committed philanthropist, Jared West contributes to The Salvation Army, Orangewood Children’s Home, and the Sportsmen Helping Children Fund. 

Work experience

Aug 2006Present


The Mantis Knife Company

Plan and execute operations of a multi-million dollar, multi-national tactical cutlery company. Oversee the entire operation, Mantis products are sold in 40 countries around the globe. The ever-expanding group of distributors and dealers are exposing new clients to the brand daily. Most recently awarded an honorable mention as one of the TOP 10 Knives of the decade by Blade Magazine. Accomplished graphic artist and industrial designer. 

Apr 2008Present

Licensed Product Line Manager

The Sharper Image

Designing products and packaging for the legendary SHARPER IMAGE brand name Complete turnkey product design, development and retail packaging design Designed the 2010 lineup of Metal Detectors and Night Vision Scopes for The Sharper Image Company. 

Jul 2009Present

Licensed National Sales Manager

Polaroid Inc

The National Sales Manager for an elite group of products that are being offered the North American consumers by the Polaroid Corporation Guiding a team of salesmen as they promote the Polaroid Corporations new "Instant" product lineup 

May 2007Present


Westwayz International Trading

Oversee operations of a three company collaboration to bring product from different locations within China and Belarus in to the United States by way of air or sea Daily responsibilities include location tracking, problem solving, paperwork completion and customs clearance Responsible for the import of over $10 Million of retail goods into the United States since the company's inception. 


Aug 1998May 2002


Loyola Marymount University

Graduated with Honors Record still stands in weightlifting room, Military Repetitions -155 lbs. 31 times.