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Hector Mejia



Environmental engineer with experience and knowledge in integrated management systems and audits under ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and NORSOK, hydrocarbon contaminated wastes management and ecological restoration. Hazardous materials management; able to plan design, implement, execute and follow integrated programs of environmental management, health and safety, soil treatment by bioremediation, and site ecological restoring.

Work experience

Environmental consultant

Green Quality
  • Analyze the value chain to reduce the environmental and social impacts of suppliers, products and services.
  • Assess the exposure to environmental and social risks
  • Ensure compliance with mandatory regulations and voluntary frameworks such as sectoral codes of conduct
  • Develop issue-specific strategies in areas such as energy efficiency and carbon reduction, water efficiency, waste reduction and biodiversity conservation
  • Establish relevant and robust targets and key performance indicators by which to measure progress
  • Review core processes across all functions, and identify and implement changes required
  • Identify training needs, and develop and deliver training programs for employees and suppliers
  • Engage and incentivize employees to achieve sustainable business targets
  • Monitor and measure the environmental and social impacts of the business and the value chain including carbon emissions, water use and waste
  • Monitor the performance of the suppliers against codes of conduct or environmental and social requirements
  • Analyze information gathered to provide new insights and to adjust the strategy as required.
  • Verify the sustainability performance of the suppliers
  • Report information for specific purposes such as the Carbon Disclosure Project and sustainability índices
  • Design and implement evaluation programs
  • Measure the return on investment of initiatives and conduct cost/benefit analyses.


Graduate Certificate in environmental management 

Universidad de America

BA. Environmental Engineer

Universidad de loa Andes


  • Project management for a range of projects
  • Co-ordination and management of project teams
  • Identification and assessment of potential negative environmental impacts and benefits 
through the review and manipulation of data and specialist studies
  • Identification of practical and achievable mitigation and management measures and the 
development of appropriate management plans
  • Compilation of environmental reports in accordance with relevant environmental legislative requirements
  • External and peer review of environmental reports & compliance monitoring
  • Formulation of environmental policies, strategies and guidelines
  • Public participation processes for a variety of projects
  • Strategic environmental advice to a wide variety of clients both in the public and private 
  • Working knowledge of environmental planning processes, policies, regulatory frameworks 
and legislation
  • Environmental Auditing
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Management