Jonathan Thieme

Jonathan Thieme


Travelling is by far my favorite hobby.  There are still so MANY places in the world that I would like to see...

My other major interests include going to concerts, watching great movies, spending time with friends and family, playing volleyball, hiking, camping, reading, networking, researching investment opportunities, and trying new things i've always been afraid of!


To obtain a qualifying, challenging position within an organization so as to foster growth technically and managerially, by interaction with a variety of situations, people and environments on a daily basis.


Throughout my experiences both in work and life, I have learned at least one thing about myself:  I love being busy!  I began to get a taste of what project management would be like while employed at my last position under a military contractor. 

So, my current goal for the immediate and forseeable future is to finally apply the education I have spent the last three years on, as well as prior knowledge, in order to finally make some serious strides in my career.

Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2009 - Present

Masters of Business Administration, IT Emphasis

Western Governors University
Concentrated MBA program into one year. Obtaining CMBA licensure.
Jul 2001 - Nov 2005

Network Engineer/Technician II

USJFCOM JWFC, Northrop Grumman

Directly involved in design, installation and execution of communications, local area and simulations networks for a variety of military forces and their customer(s); provided training events implemented through home location in Virginia as well as deployed, robust networks

Was allocated as lead network engineer for seven major military events, lesser engineer assignment in 15 other instances; became proficient in life cycle development for the various exercises, which always involved differing requirements found within any network event coordination process.

Design, installation, testing, maintenance for national/foreign military and civilian elements was provided utilizing the following equipment, as an example but not restricted to:ATM (Marconi/ASX), SONET/STM, Promina/IDNX, CISCO routers/equipment suites, CSU/DSU, modems, var. switches/hubs, phone/fax, PC(s)/server(s), Timeplex/Link2+, MUX/IMUX(es); Provided video teleconferencing to customer(s) through usage of VTC equipment such as Polycom and Pictel systems; utilized a variety of cryptographic equipment both at home node as well as deployed locations

Received Letter of Appreciation from USJFCOM JBC for reducing costs of pre-shipment network testing by $80,000 utilizing emulation technology; received multiple awards for various events where serving

Mar 2001 - Jul 2001

Satellite Operator/Technician II

Rome Research Inc.
Responsible for implementation of satellite access requests to local terrestrial terminals for military units/vessels to include: configuration/repair of conversion/terminal equipment, troubleshooting with remote user(s)
Dec 1997 - Oct 2000

Fire Controlman, E-5

United States Navy

Followed structured, preventative maintenance plans for ensured customer support, performed message dissemination, provided status reports for local and remote managers, integral in phasing site from military to civilian organization and site upgrading; Fire Controlman, E-5

Team member for install/maintenance/repair of data conversion, switching, display equipment utilized by USS Theodore Roosevelt radar/tracking systems, thereby providing the operator(s) accurate, real-time data for ship defenses

Class leader during third phase of electronics training school, located; received unusually early promotion to Petty Officer Second Class after only fourteen months servedReceived three Distinguished Military Awards from training phases

Dec 1994 - Dec 1996

Media Supervisor

Best Buy, Inc
Direct supervisor of twelve employees responsible for media department Coordinated and provided scheduling, inventory, customer service, district planning Implemented a new media access structure, enhancing customer service


2009 - 2010


Western Governors University
2006 - 2008


Western Governors University
2005 - 2005


Company Provided Training
2000 - 2000


United States Navy
1999 - 1999


United States Navy
1998 - 1998


United States Navy
1994 - 1996


Kilgore College



Project Management

Customer Relations

Project Consulting (Temp. ventures)

Network Design (All competencies)

Microsoft Products (All)

Simulation Applications


Videoteleconferencing Equipment and Methodology

Cryptographic Equipment

Cisco Routers/Switches/Servers/Hubs

ATM Delivery Methodology

Top Secret

Department of Defense