Work experience

Work experience
Apr 2010 - Present

Freelance Technical Writer

oDesk Contractor

Completed scientific editing, mathematics and physics educational content creation, andtechnical research projects.

Jun 2010 - Aug 2010

Research Intern

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Completed computational modeling of electromagnetic properties of a particle detectorsolenoid, extensive data analysis in Microsoft Excel with Visual Basic scripting, researchpaper, research presentation.

Jun 2007 - Sep 2008

Research Assistant

Santa Cruz Institute of Particle Physics

Completed 3-d modeling of an atmospheric radiation detector and software customizationvia FORTRAN programming on Linux platform. Independently learned GEANT simulationsoftware.

Sep 2003 - May 2005

Mathematics Tutor

Solano Community College Tutoring Center

Provided college-level tutoring through calculus, including vocational math. Identified individual student needs and developed effective strategies. Worked with both traditional and re-entry students.

Aug 2000 - Dec 2002

Aircraft Guidance and Control Systems Specialist

United States Air Force Reserve

Diagnosed, repaired, documented, and maintained aircraft systems. Interfaced with government contractors to order necessary parts. Navigated numerous volumes of technical literature. Performed various systems checks. Applied applicable safety procedures in high-voltage and close-quarters environment, as well as with heavy-lifting job duties.


Jun 2008 - Aug 2009


California State University, East Bay

Completed supplementary coursework in software engineering, system architecture, data structures,discrete mathematics, web design, systems programming, combinatorics, and linear algebra.

Sep 2005 - Dec 2008


University of California

Electricity, magnetism, thermodynamics, optics, mechanics, special relativity, quantum mechanics, and modern physics. Data collection and analysis, report writing. Upper division laboratory work in basic spectroscopy, radiation, and observational astrophysics.

Dec 2000 - May 2001


United States Air Force, 81st Training Wing

Mechanical and electrical operation of basic aircraft systems: hydraulics, fuel systems, etc. Wiring diagrams, systems troubleshooting, safety, tool use.

Sep 2000 - Dec 2000


United States Air Force, 81st Training Wing

Operation of AC and series and parallel DC circuits, circuit troubleshooting, operation of synchros, servos, motors, generators, flip-flops and counters. Safety, time-dependent and time-independent circuit components, schematics reading, usage of oscilloscopes and multimeters, boolean algebra.








Physics graduate with broad technical background seeking an entry-level position.


An entry-level position in technical writing and/or programming.