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About Me

I am a motivated young professional with over two years' experience of supervised administration in a hectic Engineering department. I work tirelessly to minimize the "potholes" in the road to my company's success -- always with a friendly smile and positive attitude.

Work experience

Orientation Leader

Dean of Students Office, Wells College -- August-September 2005, 2006

  • Assisted with the set-up and facilitation of campus-wide events and programs for two incoming freshman classes, helping them to feel comfortable in a new environment. 
  • Supervised a diverse group of 20 students during Orientation Week, leading them on campus tours and creating “icebreaker” activities to help foster bonds within the group.
  • Excelled at and truly enjoyed motivating and working with "diverse groups": people with distinct personalities and experiences, hailing from many backgrounds and circumstances.
Jul 2007Present

Administrative Assistant

inc.jet, Inc.

Engineering R&D and Field Applications Engineering Departments, inc.jet Inc.

•    Assisted the Director of Engineering in the smooth execution of department operations.•    Developed department-wide policies and procedures, including a new project management/customer support strategy and flex time policy.•    Facilitated cooperation between the department and Human Resources, Information Services and Sales, acting as the primary "go-to" for any and all situations.•    Generated and edited technical and non-technical documents, including:

  1. Product manuals
  2. Customer training materials
  3. Marketing newsletters and pamphlets
  4. Department budgets reports
  5. Project and staff status reports
  6. Labor Hour vs. Project Analyses

•    Trained all staff and interns in new and existing procedures, software and policies.•    Scheduled performance reviews, handled confidential paperwork and record maintenance.•    Answered the technical support hotline, acting as the initial filter for busy Application Engineers.•    Coordinated training visits, hospitality needs and training material updates and revisions.•    Maintained department records on a shared company drive. Examples:

  1. Equipment loans to customers
  2. Purchase orders and requisitions
  3. Expense reports
  4. Budget debits/credits
  5. Monthly budget totals
  6. PTO (Allotment and Use)
  7. Open purchase orders with off-site contracts.

•    Handled invoices and record-keeping for off-site contracts. •    Managed two development projects to completion.

Jan 2007May 2007

Programming Coordinator

Office of Campus Involvement, Wells College

•    Performed general event planning and office duties, such as:

  1. Managing and archiving performer contracts
  2. Setting up housing for entertainers and guest speakers
  3. Updating the web-based, campus-wide master calendar
  4. Maintaining the budget ledger on the college’s computer network

•    Generated student interest through posters, brochures and flyers created in MS Publisher and Office; I also heavily implemented email and internet resources such as Facebook.

•    Reorganized office and filing management system after office location changed, creating electronic and hard copy archives which resulted in an overall increase in efficiency. •    Collected and analyzed data from the annual student interest survey through SurveyMonkey.

•    Acted as a first resource to the student body:

  1. Assisted students with the timely completion of event registrations
  2. Answered questions and provided quality information
  3. Enforced and clarified policies
  4. Resolved conflicts while maintaining a positive and professional attitude
May 2005Aug 2005

Teaching Intern

Japanese Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme

Yamanashi-ken, Nanbu-cho, Japan

  • Taught English to Japanese students ranging from kindergarten to 6th grade, created lesson plans and teaching aids.
  • Taught English weekly to a group of adult students in nearby Kofu, learning to change my teaching style to accommodate for differences in proficiency and age. 
  • Continued my studies of the Japanese language and culture, learned new driving rules with an international license, and learned to function in a foreign country -- increasing my cultural awareness and autonomy in unfamiliar circumstances.


Sep 2002Dec 2006

Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Wells College

Bachelor's Degree, May 2007.Honors: Dean’s List (4 semesters), Henry Wells Scholar, Spanish Comprehension Award, H.T. Lower Translation Prize, Student Leadership AwardStudy Abroad Program: Off Campus Study in the Sevilla, Spain Program, Fall Semester 2004.


Elsie Torres

I worked at Long Library at Wells for most of my college career. Elsie was my superior and a mentor to me. She helped to instill some of my most useful skills (organization, for one).

Nancy B. Karpinski

Since my direct supervisor no longer works at Wells College, Nancy is the closest person to the department that would be able to adequately evaluate my degree of success as the Programming Coordinator at Wells College.

David N. Hicks

My direct supervisor at inc.jet.


Working with Diversity
I enjoy working with many people from many backgrounds with many different interpretations of the world around us. I have done so successfully for years. I believe difference is something required for a society to truly thrive.
Superior Writing Skills
I have edited and written many articles, research papers and technical product manuals. I have a notable vocabulary and keen grammar and spelling skills (no programmed checker required!). I take pride in getting things right the first time, which has led me to hone this particular skill to its sharpest edge.
Little Supervision Needed
I am detail-oriented and highly organized. I like having things done before they need to be, which keeps me on my toes and workflow moving rapidly.
I have considerable experience in training co-workers and teaching students, in everything from the English language to the forms and functions of Outlook or Lotus Notes. I have a great deal of patience, an easy-going manner, and the ability to learn information very quickly with little repetition, making me an ideal candidate for training duties.
Japanese Language
Cursory skill in speaking and writing. Reading, of course, is more complicated, depending on the kanji (characters).
Spanish Language
Skill in speaking, reading and writing in the Spanish language.
Other Software
  Solution Center - the .NET based project management interface inc.jet uses to organize tasks and teams around projects. I suggested the implementation of the program and helped to create the policies and procedures by which the department uses the tool.   Adobe Acrobat - I used this frequently to maintain and update electronic records.   Photoshop - I have used this in the past to enhance brochures in Publisher.   ADP website and interface - ADP's payroll system. I approved timecards at inc.jet and taught the staff how to use the expense reporting section when the company decided to adopt its practice.  
Internet Savvy
I maintain a personal blog and keep up with RSS feeds I've aggregated to Google Reader. I manage most of my personal and some of my business tasks online. I am very familiar with Facebook, Survey Monkey, Flikr and any number of blogs and other popular informational sites. As for websites themselves, I worked on the redesign of the Wells College website but was not part of the actual updating process. I am familiar with HTML, and have used it to maintain the aforementioned blog.
Lotus Notes
This was the email system inc.jet used for the first 15 months of my employment. I became proficient with its various functions and often helped others if they experienced difficulty with the software.
Macintosh Products
Macintosh Products I currently use a Macintosh at home, thus I am very familiar with their functions. My skills with a Mac are not superior to those with Windows, if only because I have been using it for a lesser amount of time.
Microsoft Office
This includes: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Project, Publisher, Outlook. I have used these programs for years and know my way around them very, very well. The reports I needed to generate for inc.jet were sometimes complicated (Excel), and they helped motivate me to refine my knowledge.