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Information Analysis
-Able to analyse data in many forms including metrics, graphs, and charts -experienced in case analysis and research-based analysis
Confident Presenter
-Able to command a rooms attention -Effectively communicate information and ideas -Use Presentation software such as powerpoint and powtoons to enhance a presentation  
Microsoft Office
Experienced with Microsoft Word, Excel, & Powerpoint.
HootSuite Certified
Experienced with various social media and their uses for businesses. Certified by social media dashboard HootSuite.


To hone what I have learned during my time at Seneca and as a freelance blogger while cultivating new skills in the marketing industry, 


2nd Place 2012 OCMC Entrepreneurship

OCMC is the Ontario Colleges marketing Competition wherein marketing students from colleges across Ontario train for months to analyze a maximum 2 page case with their partner within 30 minutes while creating a 7-slide PowerPoint presentation that showcases the analysis & multiple alternatives to solve the determined problem. We would also choose the best alternative and create an implementation plan for it. Then give a 15 presentation to industry professionals showcasing our solution in a professional manner. 13 colleges participate with 1 team in each category.  This required impeccable presentation skills, quick analysis skills, and relied heavily on teamwork. Training included 12+ hours a week of training with multiple coaches for 3 months. It was high stress and high pressure and required hard work early mornings and late nights. 

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Work experience

Jan 2013Present


Verve Girl/Youth Culture

-Participated in campaigns with Kotex and other brands as beauty blogger

-Wrote product how-tos for brands that sent products to me

-Followed rules provided by Verve Girl and Youth Culture

-Met deadlines in a timely and professional manner

-Invoiced for paid blog posts

-Maintained my own brand and beauty blog

Feb 2013Present

Services Coordinator

Melanie Lyne

-Handles CRM

-Works closely with management to open and close the store

-Handles customer issues with creativity keeping the customers experience in mind

-Creates, fills, and transfers special orders with stores across Canada

-Fills in as Sales Associate when needed

-Handles large amounts of money and does bank deposits

-Works the cash register

-Packages purchases in an appealing way

-Multi-tasking in a busy fast-paced environment while maintaining a professional polite demeanor 

Jun 2012Present

Founder, Beauty Blogger

Make Up For All

A beauty blog for all no matter their income, skin-tone, or skill level. This passion project was born by my belief that the pursuit of beauty should not intimidate anyone but instead should inspire self-confidence and creativity in all. In the blog I review products taking into consideration product performance and value provided with consideration of price and comparisons with similar products. Their are also blog posts with seasonal themes (ex. Summer Skin & Gift Ideas) opinion pieces (ex. Boys Just Don't Understand) and how-tos (ex. How to Curl Your Eyelashes). And other posts including tips, beauty facts, quotes, and photos via Instagram including face of the day & makeup of the day. This blog has followers around the world, known by checking their personal blogs and through Google Analytics. Most of the blog's followers are girls 14-25 living within North America. The blog is promoted by giveaways done on Tumblr, various social media accounts, and through Verve Girl mentions and features. Revenue is made with Google Adsense and paid blog posts. 

Jun 2012Sep 2012

Textiles Co-Worker


-Prepared store for incoming shipments

-Assisted customers in choosing the best products for their needs (ex. IKEA has 4 types of bed pillows all in 3 versions; I helped customers determine which fit their sleep needs)

-Gave easy to follow directions to customers navigating the store

-Kept store floor clean

-Retained information on a variety of product types from curtain and blind fixtures to carpets

-Worked with many co-workers closely in a co-operative manner

Dec 2011Jan 2012


Bath & Body Works

-Quickly learned companies cashier duties

-Helped customers in a busy environment to quickly make their purchases

-Remembered daily deals to avoid over-charging customers

-Sampled products for customers on the shop floor

-Helped customers find the right products (ex. a gift for a mother in law)

-Helped keep the store organized, clean and beautiful in appearance for customers

Jan 2010Dec 2011

Lobby Staff/Server

Grand Baccus banquet Hall & Conference Centre

Lobby Staff

-Enforced Liquid control regulations

-Maintained bathrooms and lobby space 

-Worked with others to efficiently run the coat check operations for various events

-Handled the cash box

-Helped servers in the Lobby

-Assisted bartenders

-Creatively solved guest problems


-Worked in a large team to serve in a coordinated manner

-Dealt with guests dietary restrictions

-Set-up and took down event decorations

Oct 2005Dec 2008

Hostess/Take-Out Worker

The Pickle Barrel


-Worked with partners and alone to provide the best customer experience possible by rotating servers, listening to customers special requests, and pre-planning large groups and events

-Created my own line list to speed up service during busiest times 

-Used creativity to meet special customer needs

-Acted politely and professionally at all times

-Trained new hires

Take-Out Worker

-Took orders both in person and over the phone

-Filled orders

-Worked alone and as part of a team

-Trained new hires

-Opened and closed the take-out department


Jan 2010Apr 2013

Buisness Administration Marketing

Seneca College