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Heather & Little Limited has been handling the fabrication and the restoration of architectural sheet metal since 1925. You can find them in Ottawa, Ontario, but their team has been involved in many complex projects all over Canada and the United States.

If you need help with a project that requires the restoration or the renovation of ornamental or historical architectural sheet metal, you can count on Heather & Little Limited for their experience and their expertise. Their artisan metalsmiths are using traditional hand tools and techniques, but they can also use the latest modern technologies to be able to offer you a truly unique and superior service.

They can create or restore sheet metal shingles and roof tiles, sheet metal statuary, metal balustrades, Kalamein doors and windows, decorative architectural stamped metal, and many more. Don't hesitate to get in touch with them to ask them for some help with your project.

Heather & Little Ltd.
3210 Sawnsea Crescent
Ottawa, ON K1G 3W4
Tel: (613) 736-1070