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Over 20 years experience teaching students ranging from beginner to advanced levels.

Experience  teaching ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, hip hop, contemporary, African jazz and Bollywood.

Over 30 years experience as dancer.

5 years experience  Director, Choreographer & Master Teacher MHDC 

Teaching Experience



Director of small dance company, employing 3 instructors with approx 100 students. Master Teacher and Choreographer for all levels of students. 


Intermediate/Advanced Instructor

Emmanuel School of Dance

Instruction in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Pointe. Multi-level technical & performance instruction for students ages 8 & up 


Preschool/Beginner Dance Instructor

Emmanuel School of Dance

Tap, Ballet, Jazz instruction for students aged 3-8. Basic technique & performance skills.


Teacher's Assistant

Emmanuel  School of Dance



Associate's Degree Science- Nursing

White Mountains Community College


2015- Director/choreographer-  In the Jungle

2014- Director/choreographer- The Perfect Storm

2013- Director/choreographer- Masquerade

2012- Director/choreographer- Velocity

2011- Director/choreographer- Heroes

2010- Director/choreographer- Boom

2009- Director/choreographer- When I Grow Up

Personal Dance History

I fell in love with dancing after my first dance class at 3 years old. Throughout my school years, I continued to dance and assist, then eventually teach. As an adult, I felt that dancing was my saving grace, the one thing that allowed me to express myself. The dance studio, my safe-haven, a place where I could be happy & sad & angry & proud & determined & afraid all at once. It was for these reasons, at 31 years old with an established career in nursing and a family, I decided to take over Emanuel School of Dance and rebuild it with fresh ideas and new dance styles.