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Work experience

Aug 2015

Pet Sitter

For a week and a half, I watched the neighbors' pets; feeding them, letting the dog out, playing with them, and taking care of the litter box. For the entity of the job, I spent at least two hours a day taking care of the pets' needs. I generated activities for the dog to do and I kept an eye on the cat, since it was notorious for creating havoc. 

Jul 2015Aug 2015

Teacher's Assistant

Davenport Elementary School

I assisted a multitude of teachers get ready for the upcoming school year by helping set up classrooms and creating bulletin boards. For the two weeks before school started, I worked six to ten hour days. I also decorated the front office windows and put up an abundance of posters within the classrooms. 


May 2018

Genoa Kingston High School

Currently enrolled


Vocal Skills

I am able to project my voice if needed, keep a reasonable pace, and I frequently pause in appropriate spots. 

Sight Translation

I am able to translate written words on sight into Spanish or English. 


I am a proficient listener; I am able to interpret what people say and translate it. 

Spanish Fluency

I am pretty fluent in Spanish in verbal or written form. 

Court Procedure Understanding

I understand the court procedures and and practices. 


Available upon request