For years, Health Insurance Giant has helped thousands of individuals obtain the highest quality health insurance at the lowest possible premiums. Owned and managed by Michael Kay, Health Insurance Giant offers a wide variety of coverage plans. Customers can choose a basic option that only covers bare necessities or a more comprehensive plan that includes hospital stays, prescriptions, outpatient surgery, worldwide coverage, and preventive care. At Health Insurance Giant, the staff provide clients with coverage for preexisting conditions, as well as vision, dental care and life insurance. Of course, customers can always use their preferred doctors and hospitals. Operating out of Keego Harbor, Michigan, Health Insurance Giant accommodates clients all over Michigan. With the motto “We’ll meet you anytime, anywhere,” Health Insurance Giant conducts business at the location of the customer’s choosing. The company has a diverse client base, including small business owners, the unemployed, individuals, families, as well as those on COBRA. In order to provide as many coverage options as possible, Health Insurance Giant works with quality healthcare organizations such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, HealthPlus of Michigan, Humana and Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York. For more information, potential customers can submit their information to Health Insurance Giant’s website at or call (800) 548-8331. In addition to directing Health Insurance Giant, Michael Kay also participates in several community service projects. Mr. Kay donates to and works in the kitchen at the Grace Centers of Hope, a shelter for those without homes. Besides his role at Health Insurance Giant, he enjoys attending professional sports games. He especially likes the Detroit Red Wings, Tigers, Pistons, and Lions. He also likes learning about new cultures by traveling around the world.

Work experience

Work experience
Apr 1993 - Present

A trusted provider of health insurance for nearly two decades

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