Bring new brands from 0 to being top 3 contenders in 6-12 accelerated months. Taking national brands heads up against their smaller more online savvy competitors and being part of the original team that took from a few clients to having a nationwide footprint.

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2009 - Present

Director of Business Development

Search Engine Operator, Inc -
2005 - Present


SFIMA - South Florida Interactive Marketing Association
Jan 2006 - Jan 2009

Implementation Manager - Search Engine Operator, inc.
Jan 2005 - Aug 2006

Financial Needs Analyst

Aug 2002 - Jul 2004

Chief Business Development Officer

Synergy Environmental, Inc.



University of Central Florida

I attended the University of Central Florida from 2000 - 2003 studying in the Colleges of Engineering and Business Administration. In 2003 I cut my college career short to join Synergy Environmental full-time where I spent the next 2 years developing business relationships and operational processes.

University of Central Florida - College of Business Administration



Business Development

Since before I could get a job I was developing one business or another. Sure they were car washes and in-school candy distribution networks, but I was always thinking about profitability while undercutting viable competition and developing client relationships.   As a professional I began with Synergy Environmental, Inc. as a part-time Spill Recovery Consultant. I quickly tackled opportunities to grow relationships past end-users and developed distribution partners expanding the company's reach.   Now as the Director of Business Development at Search Engine Operator, Inc what I love most about my position is that I have a dual-role in business development. My involvement in developing the business of Search Engine Operator coincides with consulting on the development of our clients businesses, forming long-term mutually beneficial partnerships.

Pay-Per-Click Management

Through many years and gallons of midnight oil I have consulted upon, constructed, optimized, innovated and re-structured 100's of successful pay-per-click marketing campaigns across Google, Yahoo, MSN/Bing and second tier search engines. Today our agency specializes is analyzing new client data collected by prior agencies and reinventing the company's pay-per-click strategy into an impacting and necessary arm of the marketing machine.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

I have been involved with SEO projects ranging in size, from small business to Fortune 500. Project scopes have varied from turning around a misled initiatives from prior agencies to conception to inception projects where our team is 100% in control of the project's development before the domain name is ever registered.   This experience has given me hands-on experience in all of the areas included in Search Engine Optimization.

Project Management

I excel at laying out the steps necessary to reach the today's end goal while keeping an eye on the long-term vision into the future.   Effective Client Liaison Efficiently Organizing Priorities Establishing Realistic Time Lines Delegating Tasks Diplomatically Encouraging & Motivating Teams Concisely Reporting to Superiors


Jan 2004 - Present

AdWords Qualified Individual

Google Advertising Professionals Program