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Sep 1997Jun 2002

Highschool Diploma

Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School


Software Development
I'm extremely knowledgeable and experienced with: as3 python javascript maxscript xml I'm experienced in rapid application development methodologies such as extreme programming and lean software development. I collaborate; exploring options and providing flexible prototypes with low turnaround times. I develop and maintain custom tools for automation and data processing.
Visual Development
Highly proficient in Adobe Flash FlashDevelop Eclipse 3D Studio Max Adobe After Effects Adobe Photoshop. Proficient in Blender Adobe Illustrator I'm experienced in: character design/animation cinematography conceptual design procedural design and animation for both pregenerated and realtime environments
Excellent written and spoken english. Excellent visual communicator: diagrams, illustrations, concept designs.


I am a multidisciplinary artist as well as a seasoned developer, specializing in interactive development, animation and design.


  • The demo scene, in which programmers create incredible animations and music with a very small executable.
  • Procedural generation.
  • Dynamic game characters
  • Interactive art installations
  • Digital painting

Practical Experience

I have worked with clients as a software developer, creative developer, in consultant and team leader capacities.I have been called upon to solve problems in late development stages of other projects. I have been responsible for managing teams, assessing employees abilities and assigning responsibilities.I have lead research of technologies and subsequently trained others. I have developed internal tools for use by myself and others. I use cost-benefit anaylsis to help choose from a wide range of solutions to a problem.

Personal Projects:

I'm a Professional Illustrator. I'm a VJ with years of experience. Things I have developed in my spare time:
  • A sidescroller game engine with character lipsynching to a as3
  • Dynamic reorientation painting program in as3
  • VJing software for dynamic animation live performances designed in MAX MSP
  I have reimplimented popular classic games: centipede, missile command, Dance Dance Revolution. I test game ideas with quick playable prototypes.

I have designed and implemented physics simulations which included the following features:

  • collision detection
  • quad tree optimization
  • soft and rigid body simulations
  • A.I.

Past Work



This is an online game supporting the CBBC show of the same name. "Agents" log in every week and complete a mission, driving the game's plot forward.


  • Nominated in The International Digital Emmy® Awards 2010

My roles were:

Creative director

  • responsible for the look and feel


  • designed various creative assets


  • project built with actionscript 3 for flash 10, utilizing flash's new 3D capabilities
  • codesigned dynamic animation classes to automate production of complex animations
  • lowered bandwidth requirements by generating graphics procedurally during runtime
  • codesigned modular mission system and plugin framework resulting in a system what can host integrated minigames
  • designed in-house automated video editting pipeline with python, xml and adobe extendscript to deal with large volumes of video that needed effects, and resizing and additional audio
  • designed node-based video playback model to simulate travel via 3D animations while minimizing video bandwidth

3D animator

  • creation of 3D assets of original design and reproduction of stage and props used on show.
Hana's Suitcase Online

2009. The Hana's Suitcase Experience was a flash site based on a series of virtual 3D panoramas. Progress through the experience reveals pieces of the story.

My roles were:

Lead programmer

  • actionscript 3
  • utilizing papervision for 3D effects

3D designer

  • creation of interactive 3D environments: original and reproductive work
  • pipeline design for 3D asset rendering in maxscript and python
Johnny Hollow - Scuttlebuggery


Scuttlebuggery is a flash game where you take the role of a beetle. You are trapped in an expansive machine and the only way to survive is to feed the machine liquid drops which you must herd to appropriate drains while avoiding other bugs.

My roles were:

Game Design:

  • conceptual design
  • UI design


  • actionscript 3
  • game engine design
  • custom physics engine
  • special effects programming
  • artificial intelligence


  • cutscenes
  • GUI animations
  • character animations