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Work experience

Melara's Flooring

The task was to put down new flooring for the community and commercial business.  I worked with laying down tile, carpet, hardwood, cement, and commercial carpet.

Jun 2007Present

Van Thuyne-Downs Inc

Overview: Van Thuyne Downs Inc is a drilling/boring business.

Job Site: All over Colorado and surrounding states. Usually we are working around construction sites.

Machinery used: D36x50 Series II (10 foot rod), Pothole machine.

My task: Set up pre drilling and all the components to it. Clean and supervise machinery. Make potholes and check for the dept of utilities lines underground. ex(water, gas, electricity, phone, sewer etc)

Jun 2008Aug 2008

Mayo's Inc.

Tasks: Remodeled a barned and cleaned it out many times.  Landscaped and put down a new garden.  Took apart machines and cleaned them.  Worked on a lot of landscaping.  Helped organized a retirement party.


Aug 2009Present

Metropolitan State College of Denver

Engineering Classes taken:

-Engineering graphics.

-Intro to civl engineering

-Physics I

-College Algebra

-Calculus 1



Contruction Pothole machine
The pothole machine is a mechanism that I have used in order to make a pot hole. It involves a 2 ton vacuum as well as a pressurized water guns that are capable of braking dirt, asphalt and lumber.
AutoCAD 2009
I took an engineering graphics class in 2009.  I learned how to use the basic commands.  I passed the class and got the idea in how it works.  I drew many pictures and learned a lot about the program. 
Microsoft Office 2007
I learned how to used Microsoft Office word and excel ever since I was in my junior year in high school. I can make brochures, letters, small excel programs, power points, spread sheets, and graphs.


Seeking for Civil Engineering position in northern Colorado. I will do anything that deals with civil engineering, I'm looking for the experience that civil engineers deal with. I want to learn the responsibilities in order the be the best.


*Member of American Society of Civil Engineers, 2009-to present