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B.Tech, Electronics & Communication


I have completed my B.Tech in Electronics & Communication with 78%


Senior Secondary

Ramjas Day Boarding School,Annand Parbat

I have completed my Senior Secondary under C.B.S.E with 71.8%.

I think this is that session of my life which I will miss forever.My favorite subjects during that span were Maths & Chemistry and Physics. I still always try to be in touch with them


Higher Secondary

Ramjas Day Boarding School,Annand Parbat

I have completed my higher secondary under C.B.S.E with 73.6 %

This is the place where I learnt to express myself & learnt to interact.


  Arduino C++ C     
O/S Exposure
  Linux (Fedora/Ubuntu) Windows (Vista/XP/98)    
  Verilog VHDL System Verilog (learning currently)
EDA Tools
  OrCAD Capture PSpice Modelsim RTL Synthesis RTL Simulation    
Assembly Language
  8085 8086 8051
Scripting Languages
  TCL/TK Shell Perl

Work experience


Jr. Embedded Engineer-R&D

GVC Systems Pvt. Ltd.

My first job

Here I had many responsibilities which can be categorised as follows:


I am learning how to relate and modify the existing designs in the company with the demands of customer.I also learnt to interact with customers but still a long way is to be coveredin the midway of my destination.


To test & integrate the R&D done using the software & hardware revisions in the electronic designs. To manage & train team of 3 employees and deal with customer at times.I have learnt many new & small things which I am sure would be helpful in my further career.


I had learnt to promote & advertise the products to reach the necessary targeted market in minimum financial conditions. 

Experience Gained: Embedded Software & Hardware development, Marketing & PR.


To build a career in VLSI/EDA/ASIC industry where my “can-do” attitude, current experience and skill sets can be used and developed to the best

Area of Interests & Expertise

● Chip Designing & Semiconductors

● Microcontroller & Microprocessor


● RTL designing

Projects & Training

Project 1   :  Designing & Testing of State Machine of Receiver Module of 10 Gb Ethernet MAC card

HDL Used   :  Verilog

Tool Used   :Mentor Graphics Modelsim

Description:  This project includes the concept of designing & coding of a single module of MAC i.e. receiver state machine used in the 10 Gigabit Ethernet using Verilog HDL. The coding is done using HDL (Verilog) and simulation is done in Mentor Graphics Modelsim. The HDL Verilog coding of the state machine was done using non-blocking assignments and case statements for various cases. At last the simulation was done in Modelsim.

Project 2:  Arbitrary Precision Calculator

Language   :TCL/TK

Team Size  :1

Description:The main aim of this project is to design an arbitrary precision calculator using scripting language TCL/TK. It includes the basic concepts of dividing the given number into sub elements and then performing the basic arithmetic operations using TCL/TK & then appending the result produced by those sub elements. The coding is done using scripting language TCL (Tool Control Language) & GUI Development is done using TK (Tool Kit).

Project 3: Automation using GSM/GPRS & GPS

Description: This project involves the integration of GSM/GPRS, GPS modems & various modules to interface devices like Relays, Sensors, RTC, OSD, and DTMF etc. with Arduino. It can send the required data through GSM/GPRS using AT commands and take the required actions accordingly. It could also receive the GPS data & send regular alerts using GSM/GPRS. At last programming was done in C language using AVR programmer.

Project 4     : Automatic Garage System Using RFID

Description: This project involves the identification of any vehicle through a unique electronic ID (RFID Tag). RFID Tag mounted on the windshield of the vehicle & RFID Reader placed near the door of the garage are used to open the door automatically, only if, the unique electronic ID present in RFID Tag matches with that present in database of RFID Reader. It uses RF modules, 89s51 Microcontroller, Embedded Systems & Motors (CD-ROM) to operate this project. At last the programming of the receiver section was done in 8051 assembly language.


Devender Khari

Mr Devender Khari presently is the founder of DKOP Labs. He had provided his more than 9 yrs of service in prestigious company like Cadence Design System. With lots of passion skiils and talent he started his own startup with other co--founders who together makes the experience of more than 35 years in Semiconductor/VLSI/EDA/ASIC domain