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Hard worker with a really strong work ethic who is never scared of a challenge, great student, ready to work at the Blaine's Farm and Fleet when the Belvedere Farm and Fleet is ready for me. Farm and Fleet would be the perfect place for me because I grew up on a farm and I would understand the customers point of view and help them find their tool or if there's none in stock I would help them find an alternative. 

Work experience

May 2015Aug 2015

Hay Bailer

Case Farms

In this job I had to get on the back of a hay wagon and start pulling the bales onto the wagon with me  and stack the at least five high. But I always try to go a little higher to not waste any room on the wagon. During this kind of work you have to work in really high heats, and all of the bales are at the least 50 pounds. It isn't at all an easy job but I love the challenge.

Jan 2013Dec 2014

Farm Hand

Olsen Farms

This was one of my first jobs that I had as a kid and I still get calls to come back to this day. To be a farmhand for the Olsen's I have to make sure the horses always have enough food and water. I also have to make sure the horses are always comfortable so cleaning out stalls is a must. Doing this job in the winter is not fun but it is doable. 


Aug 2004Jun 2018


Genoa-Kingston High School

High School education


Problem Solving

I love a great challenge if I have to think on how I could make something better I will always take everything into consideration.

Hard Worker

Since I was born and raised on a farm I am always used to hard work. There is never a job to big for me I love the challenge and I always put my best foot foreword.


I am a people person I love to get to know what kind of a person I'm dealing with and understand them. There are so many different kinds of people and it's nice to get to know as many of them as you can.


I'm really good at staying physical for a long time. All of my years bailing hay have shown me how to. It's blistering heat and really challenging but I went a whole day without water, I'm not going to lie I felt like I was going to pass out, but the show must go on and I should have been more prepared.


I'm ok at organization skills but I am not the best. I know that there is a place for everything but sometimes I get mixed up. I am working on it though and I will get the hang of it.

Money Management

I am good at managing money because ever since I was thirteen and got my first job I started saving my money. By the time I was sixteen I had plenty of money to buy a reliable vehicle to get me to my job.


I am very independent. I love to go off on my own and figure out how to solve my problems. But I do understand how to get back to reality and work with others.