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Work experience


Systems Analyst (Present)                                                                                                             Sales and Order Administrator, Sales Operations (2011-2012)


Created a new process for systems team to measure internal tickets. By quantifying the level of effort on each ticket and measuring the total resolution time, our team can set accurate SLAs with the business and balance the workload among the team. Through data, we were also able to see inefficiencies we had when working with different business partners. This allowed us to proactively modify our business approach to improve customer satisfaction. 

Coached and mentored a 10+ team based in India whose responsibility is to resolve internal CRM issues and enhancements. This included daily office hours, knowledge transfers, and weekly 1-1s. In a year working in Asia, I improved the team's performance with a 42% decrease in resolution time. 

Designed a new way to measure the performances of LinkedIn's Account Managers through the identification of new business and return business in our sales data. LMS Leadership could now track and manage their teams' effectiveness in my centralized Tableau dashboard. 

Devised and improved Churn Analytics scorecards working with APAC Operations to solve engagement issues in different countries. Sales and Operations could now understand churn by country and product to enable better client engagement strategies in each country segment.


Junior Statistician

UC Davis Medical Center

Conducted multivariate categorical analysis on Hmong Americans living in the Sacramento area. We analyzed the effectiveness of our Hepatitis B awareness program by measuring the percentage of Hep B vaccinations between control vs. intervention. We measured their behaviors (i.e. diet, alcohol consumption, perceptions of western medicine) to not only see which types promote a likelihood of vaccination, but to improve our awareness program. Our goal is to improve the lives of the Hmong community.  Analytics   LinkedIn UC Davis Medical Center


SQL, R, SAS, Tableau

Heavy statistical background and experienced with data warehouses

HTML, CSS, Javascript

Strong web development experience 


Experienced with Revision Control Systems

Project Management

Worked in both AGILE and Waterfall 



B.S. Statistics; B.S. Managerial Economics

University of California, Davis