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Work experience

Mar 2007Jun 2009

Cashier/Assistant Manager

Ward's of New Augusta

I worked night shift most days of the week. I was getting paid minimum wage and there were some days that I worked double shifts. My assistant manager positions held huge responsibilities such as making sure all drawer change outs were added properly. I had to count the money in the safe and always make sure it stayed at a certain amount. I would take money to the bank to deposit. I had to double check behind everyone every night before I locked up and set the security alarm. The job also had difficulties which included everything was my responsibility. I made sure that all things that were ordered came at the same time. I delt with angry customers. It was an important job but I was very comfortable doing it.


Aug 2011Present

Associates Degree in Nursing

Jones County Junior College

I have already completed one year at Jones County Junior College. I am currently in my second year finishing up basics.


I am 20 years old. I live in Greene County, MS. I am married and have been for almost 2 years. I haven't had many jobs. I've only had one. I do believe I have a good work ethic. I have a 15 month old daughter. I am hoping to get my nursing degree and become an RN.


I have many interests. I am actually very interested in entertainment and music. Besides nursing, something that I've always wanted to do is be an actress. I've always loved movies and tv shows. I still wish I could be an actress and have the chance to be in movies. My goal right now though is to become an RN. I would love to work in clinics and hospitals. I have a huge interest in the medical field and helping someone.


My objective is to become an RN. I want to work in hospitals and clinics.


I am actually very good in math. I have pretty good financing skills. I was an Assistant Manager for Ward's and that position did require math and organization. I currently am helping manage two people's finances so they do not go into debt.