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Work experience

Jan 2007Present

Freelance Consultant

After completing my MBA I decided to leverage the multidisciplinar knowledge I gained through years of experience on various work positions and start working as a freelance consultant.

Fields of activity:

Innovation, new technologies , Web2.0, Business development, Project Management, Product Design

Services offered:

  • Project management, specialised on web development and technology related projects.
  • Business plan development, specialised in Web2.0 projects.
  • Information architecture design, specialised in social networks and collaborative environments.
  • Website usability design and evaluation.
  • Competitive intelligence.
  • Innovation applied to new technologies and product development.

Important Contractors/Project Partners:

  • Nurun
  • Empirica
  • IBK
  • Infonomia
  • Menon
  • P.A.U. Education

Important Final Clients:

  • SEAT
  • European Union
  • Santander Bank - Innovation department
  • IGAPE - Economic Promotion Institute of Galicia
  • IRTA - Agrifood research and technological development institute.

Important Projects:

For Nurun Barcelona                                                                                                   

Seat Website Redesign | 10.10 - 12.10

Project Description:

Nurun, the actual SEAT digital media agency, was comissioned to migrate Seat actual website to its new CMS and at the same time implement a design facelift aligned with a new content strategy for its .com and country pages.

Duties within the project:

Under the command of Stéphane Leduc (Account manager, head of special projects) and  Marc Pedri (Project director), I was responsible of the following duties:

  • Document, assign, and track all tasks necessary to comply with the SEAT .com and country master webpages facelift.
  • Generate Microsoft Project plannings and Work Breakdown Structures of the design facelift.
  • Update Project Plannings and Work Breakdown structures based on the client's feedback reported by account managers.
  • Generate and Document Usability and Style guidelines
  • Command a team of 8 creatives, assigning and tracking tasks.
  • Quality assurance on website implementation to ensure the alignement with  SEAT's Style Guidelines.
  • Quality assurance on documentation material delivered to the final client (mockups, presentation, style guides)
  • Mockup and Wireframe generation.
  • Authoring of PPT and DocumentationsPresentations

For P.A.U. education                                                                                                   

Culturemap | 10.09 - 3.10

Project website:

Project Description:

The objectives of this project are to map and analyse existing websites in Europe which are used as a means for exchange of information and debate on culture, artistic expression and as a space for an exchange of opinions on the European project, with a view to proposing recommendations on how to enhance the use of the internet as a means of information exchange and debate at the European level on cross-sector issues in the field of culture and artistic expression.

Duties within the project:

  • Quality assessment of surveyed website owners database.
  • Best practice descriptions and candidate selection together with project partners.
  • Final recommendation(s) detection among best practices authoring, together with project partners.
  • Final workshop presentation deploying | 1.09 - 5.09

Project Website:

Project description:

BUILD UP is a new environment for building professionals, local authorities and building occupants willing to share their experience on how to cut energy consumption in buildings.

Duties within the project:

  • Responsible of the development and conceptualisation of the Buildup for citizens section:
  • Management of the project, implementation, scheduling, quality assessment.
  • Usability and requirements analysis.
  • Wireframing.
  • Development of a presentation to introduce the concept to the final client.
  • Mockups of the main screens

European exchanges mechanisms ans networking for e-skills training: the way forward | 11.09 - 5.10

Project Description:

The objective of the current service contract is to study and recommend European exchange mechanisms of e-skills training resources (focusing in priority on e-learning courses) for the workforce, and the networking of training and research centres in Europe.

Duties within the project:

Developing a business and deployment plan for the e-skills portal proposal arised of the analysis of best practices.

ers Charter | 5.08 - 12.08

Project Description:

The European Road Safety Charter is a European participatory platform made up of enterprises, associations, research institutions and public authorities. These actors undertake to carry out concrete actions and share their good practices in order to resolve the road safety problems that they encounter in their day-to-day environments.

Duties within the project:

  • Tracking of the website implementation and management of implementation issues directly with programmers.
  • Website architecture and usability design from scratch.
  • Wireframing of the whole website.
  • Mockup generation of the most important pages.

P2P Major Events (P2P ME) | 6.7 - 2.08

Project description:

P2Pme is a mobile social networking solution designed with major events in mind. P2Pme is an independent service uniquely designed to provide content and networking opportunities through mobile and portable devices for people attending major events.

Duties within the project:

  • Business plan and feasability assessment of small sized CSR events.
  • Deployment plan for a test scenario and variance analysis for key variables.
  • Deployment of an attractive presentation.
  • Defending the project in front of the European Commission (together with my project partners).

For Infonomia:                                                                                                             

Competitive intelligence on innovation products in the banking sector for Banco de Santander | 2.08 - 1.09

Project description:

Banco de Santander, through its innovation department commissioned infonomia a monthly competitive intelligence report comprising between 28 and 48 innovative products and services together with an analysis of why they were interesting and how could be implemented on the markets Banco de Santander operate.

Every six months a longer trend report was authored, covering the rising market trends and its analysis. During the time I was working on the project I wrote over 900 products/service reviews together with its analysis and authored two Trend reports.

Duties Within the project:

  • Market research on innovative products and services and potentially useful technological developments for the banking sector
  • Trends analysis and reporting
  • Detection and analysis of innovative products and services

REE Extended entepreneur collaboration network for the Galicia goverment institute for economic development (IGAPE) | 5.08 - 6.10

Project website:

Project description:

REE stands for Entrepreneur Extended Network, it is a project commissioned by IGAPE, the Galician government business development agency that wanted to connect all its geographically disperse, disconnected resources and agencies available in Galicia in order to better cater the needs of entrepreneurs looking to start its own company.

REE consists on a collaborative network where public bodies can work together on common projects and issues together with several resource repositories that aggregate and give transparency of available resources of all network participants.

The network also has some resources with public access to allow entrepreneurs to have a one stop access to all resources available to entrepreneurs in Galicia.

Duties Within the project:

  • Management of the project implementation, scheduling, quality assessment.
  • Market analysis and best practice detection
  • Usability and requirements analysis
  • Wireframing
  • Mockup generation for the main screens.
  • Client support and bug tracking management.
  • In house workshop together with another colleague to gather functional requirements from future tool users.
  • In house workshop together with another colleague to train network users and teach them about the possibilities of the tool.
  • Authoring of an user manual for the network users.

IRTA Website redesign 12.08-12.09


Project description:

Irta, the Agrifood research and technological development institute wanted to complely redesign its website and provide it with collaborative features.

Duties Within the project:

  • Market analysis and best practice detection
  • Usability and requirements analysis
  • Wireframing
  • Mockup generation for the main screens.
  • In house workshop together with another colleague to gather functional requirements from future tool users.

Company Founder


Leveraging my experience in industrial design and business developement I started CustomCasing,a company specialized on turnkey casing solutions fort short-run specialised products.

CustomCasing provides companies designing special electronic devices that are produced in short batches and with fast changing design specs with high quality metal cases designed and produced in short cycles.

Cases are built to order and delivered to the client's door with everything neccessary to be assembled, with production times as low as 1 week depending on the project complexity.

Please check for further information.

Nov 2005Jan 2007

Head of mechanical product development


In Wututu I was responsible of physical product specification and production, following the whole product lifecycle, from concept generation to production management.

My duties were:

  • Competitive environment analysis.
  • Enclosure design and engineering.
  • Physical product fabrication management.
  • Physical product assembly management.
  • Project management on the production area, coordination of all teams and providers implied on the fabrication of product enclosures for Wututu's hardware products and its assembly.
  • Conversion of 2D content to 3d for using on Autostereoscopic displays using Photoshop and 3d Software.
  • Project management of the Content Conversion team to ensure meeting tight project deadlines.
  • Architecture and Usability authoring for the content creation Wututu Suite (Scr3enD Photo, Player and Scr3enD ZProcessor.)
Sep 2004Oct 2005

Project Manager | Industrial designer


In grupD I worked as an industrial designer with product manager functions, managing complete projects from the begining to the end.


  • Project Managing, dealing with clients and tracking the advance of projects.
  • Market research.
  • Industrial design
  • Multimedia authoring of product presentations
Sep 2001Mar 2004

Alias Modeller

OPEL (Contractor through Rücker AG)

In Opel I worked on the design department as an Alias Modeller.

My duties were:

  • Surface modelling in both concept and production qualities.
  • Alias rendering of generated concepts for clinic tests, design evaluation and concept proposals.

I worked on highly competitive international teams and under tight schedules in three different design departments, doing both interiors and exteriors under the command of Michael Pickstone, Kurt Bayer and Eduardo Ramirez among others.

Sep 2000Sep 2001

Alias Modeller

Rücker Iberica

In Rücker I worked as an industrial designer for clients such as Airbus and Seat.

My duties were:

  • Alias modeller, generating final and concept surfaces and rendering design proposals.
  • Interactive presentation authoring to present design proposals.
  • Interior design concepts for the then forthcoming Airbus A3XX


Sep 1999Present

Creative workshop on using a special type of flexible wood

Danmarks Design Skole

Because of my academic results, I was selected to represent spain in a gathering in denmark with students from all europe, two students and one professor from one university of each country.

Sep 1996May 2000

Degree on Industrial Design



Microsoft Project
Creation of project plannings using Microsoft Project, specially of techological/web related projects.   Critical Path Analysis. Work Breakdown Structure creation and analysis. Budget evaluation using MS Project made scenarios.
Data Gathering Tools
Good knowledge in aggregation and syndication tools and technologies:   netvibes RSS Tools (Yahoo Pipes, FeedBurner, etc.
Adobe Premiere
Using Premiere's NLE capabilities to edit and author business presentation videos.
Adobe Aftereffects
Create Compelling motion graphics for presentations and videos.
Microsoft Office Suite
Good knowledge on the Microsoft Office suite:   Composing professional research documents in Microsoft. Creating compelling presentations in Power Point. Using Excel, including the Solver module. Microsoft Outlook use and setup.
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign
Experience in composing large documents, creating and designing attractive layouts. Knowledge of right workflow techniques and procedures to create indesign documents. Experience on press and prepress workflows and procedures and how to deliver and author documents so that the results are optimal when sent to the press shop.
Adobe Photoshop
Proficient use of Photoshop for photography manipulation and correction, as well as creating website graphical elements and mockups.  

Languages Spoken


  • native


  • native


  • Read: Excelent
  • Speak: proficient
  • Write: proficient


  • Read: Good
  • Speak: Good
  • Write: Medium


  • Read: Good
  • Speak: Medium
  • Write: Low



Digital Media

Competitive Intelligence

New Technologies in general

Web2.0 Technologies

Mobile technologies

Usability and Interface design

Industrial design

Graphic design


Data mining

Project Managing