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Work experience

Sep 2008Present

Teacher's Assistant

Willson Middle School (Appleton Area School District)

This job is run through one of my class at my high school called "co-op". What the class is about is you have a class during the day and at the end of each school day (and weekends depending on your job) you go to work and work. In this class you learn many things about the job field, and the real world. For example you learn what not to say at an interview, we learn how to present ourselves and how to act at a job and many other things as well. Some of my classmates are RNA's so they work in nursing homes, some are teachers work teach elementary school, I am the only student there who teaches at a middle school. There are many other jobs that students do as well. In this class though you have a job that you would like to learn more about for a possible future career. For me I want to peruse a career in teaching secondary history. So after my fifth hour class I go to Wilson middle school for three hours and help out the seventh grade geography teacher. I grade papers and enter the grades into our ensemble, if have taught a lesson on the 2008 election with Obama and McCain. I also help the students with anything they have questions with, and sometimes I work with a small group of students that need more help then others or have difficulty staying on task. I have been there all year and I will be till the end of the school year.

Nov 2008Present


A&W Restaurant

I work as a Waitress at this restaurant, but that’s not all I do. I fix drinks, make ice cream treats, and I communicate with the customers while taking their orders, and giving their orders to them. I have also bag the food as well and I have done closing duties as well. This job helps you and teaches you customer service and how customers should be treated. You are taught how to work as a team, because if you don’t work in a team you wont get all the food they ordered done.

Aug 2008Oct 2008

Sales Associate

Pary America

Party America was my second job. I worked as a sales associate and when I was hired was at the start of Halloween season. I worked several third shifts getting ready for Halloween. I left at the end of the Halloween season, and the reason for my leave was because of the unorginization and management. I learned how to move product around and stock shelves. I was also in communication over the phone and physically with customers.

Aug 2007Aug 2008

Team Member

Papa Murphy's

Working at Papa Murphy's was my offical first job and I was taught how to communitcate with customers in person and over the phone, how to handle food, how to prep food, how to make the food, and their closing duties. At Papa Murphy's when you make the pizza the customer watches your make their food and you have to make sure you do what the customer asks for and since they were there in the restaurant you could talk to them if you had questions or if you just wanted to have a friendly converstation. I worked at Papa Murphy's for a year the reason for my leave was because I was not avalible for a chance to get a raise, and I was in need of hours.


Sep 2005Present


Appleton West High school