Dipti Baheti

Dipti Baheti

Technical Skills

� Programming Languages: Verilog, C, C++, Java(J2EE), JSP, HTML, MIPS assembly language

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, uClinux

� Tools: ModelSim, Wireshark, Joomla

Other Competencies

  • Secured State Rank - 3 in Aptitude test of the All India Engineering Entrance Exam.
  • Awarded Gold Medal for highest marks in languages in High School.
  • Member of Training and Placement team of Bhilai Institute of Technology, Durg


Internship in the field of ASIC design or verification


Aug 2009 - Present


San Jose State University

CGPA: 3.87/4


  • Microcomputer Design
  • Computer Architecture
  • Embedded Software
  • System Software
  • Computer Network Design
Project experience:

Bus Interfacing (Course: Microcomputer Design - Fall 2009)

  • � Implemented AMBA bus interfacing with SRAM (1Kbx32) and SDRAM (2Mbx32x4banks) in Verilog.
  • � Acquired understanding of SRAM and SDRAM architecture and modes of operation of SDRAM.
  • � Analyzed and implemented AMBA bus architecture and protocols.

Media streaming from ARM7 CPU (Course: Embedded Software - Spring 2010)

  • To learn device driver programming for 32 bit ARM7 CPU.
  • �To write a UDP streaming engine to stream multimedia data from ARM board to host PC.
  • To enable NFS (Network File System) to allow ARM CPU to utilize remote file system for large video file streaming.

SIC/XE Macro Processor (Course: Systems Software - Spring 2010)

  • To use a one pass algo. to expand an assembly program containing macros.
  • To implement and use data structures such as DEFTAB and NAMTAB for macro expansion.
  • To implement features such as conditional expansion, concatenation of macro parameters etc.

Web PDA (Course: Computer Network Design - Fall 2009)

  • � Created a website that allows users to self-register, upload and share files.
  • � File sharing achieved by protocol working on top of Application Layer, enabled by Socket Progr.
  • � Simple encryption and encoding of all application specific data (3DES, Base64)
Sep 2003 - May 2007


Bhilai Institute of Technology

CGPA: 7.58/10

Project Experience:

Laser Based Communication System

  • Implementing point to point transmission of data through frequency shift keying.
  • Setup includes laser transmitter and receiver at each end, allowing full duplex communication.
  • PCB design and fabrication and soldering of circuit.

Work experience

Work experience
Nov 2007 - Nov 2008

Software Engineer

Infosys Technologies Ltd.

Development of intranet portal for Aetna Inc, USA

  • Developed and testing of source code and stored procedures in Java (using Springs framework)
  • Development of User interface using JSP and CSS.
  • Conferred with client and backend team to perform integration testing of project.
  • Actively involved in documentation of Project Requirements and Test results.

4.5 months of Entry level training in Computer Science

  • Intensive training in Java EE (GPA 4.27/5)
  • Training in soft skills such as global effectiveness, group discussions.