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Work experience

Seargent / Training NCO

United States Marine Corps

Rank: Seargent. Instructor in the Military Police Academy. I instructed subordinates, and peers, in all aeas of military subjects. Duties also included providing training areas and coordination with other departments to arrange for the movement of personnel and equipment. The scope of planning and execution often involved air transportation for over 300 persons, 3,000 meals and thousands of pounds of baggage and equipment. Therefore, interaction with Customs and Immigration was frequent.

Senior Instructor

Teaching and Classroom Experience

Teaching Experience re: Tax Courses - H&R Block. During my tenure with H&R Block I have taught the following courses:Basic Tax School (4 Years)Depreciation (2 years)Rental Real Estate (3 Years)Dependency Exemptions (4 Years)Earned Income Tax Credit (4 Years)Investment Income (3 Years)Adjustments to Income 4 Years) Itemized Deductions (4 Years) Business Income (3 Years)Retirement and Passive Income (3 Years)Amended Returns (4 Years)Tax Planning (3 Years)Rated as the #1 Instructor in the Hudson County District. Rating was based on proficiency, preparedness, and the ability to transfer knowledge to students.

Sales Manager


Sales Manager with a Sales Staff of 12. Primary responsibilities consisted of recruiting, training and supervision of full-time Sales Representatives. We achieved numerous awards for the marketing, and production of new clients and revenue bought into the company.

Territory Sales Manager

Insurance Company of North America (INA)

INSURANCE COMPANY of NORTH AMERICA (INA) - Teritory Sales Manager with primary responsibilities consisting of recruiting, training and supervision of self-employed Tax Professionals. Training and marketing strategies were designed toward the business and professional clientele by combining insurance benefits with tax avoidance opportunities. Client service was prevalent in the areas of Employee Benefits, Pensions, Business Continuation and Estate Planning. While with the Insurance Company of North America I managed a territory consisting of 2 states (Missouri & Illinois) with 80 Sales Reps and Associates. As a result of the supervision given my Sales Reps and Associates, and their professionalism, we attained numerous production awards.

Dec 2004Present

Senior Tax Advisor / Tax Office Manager

H&R Block Tax & Financial Services

H&R BLOCK TAX & FINANCIAL SERVICES - Managed a staff of 22 (18 Tax Professionals and 4 Admin staff). My primary responsibilities as a Tax Office Manager were to maintain and improve the image of H&R Block, training and supervision of the Tax Professionals, and Admin staff,  to strive for excellence in providing our clients with accurate tax returns and superior service, office growth, client retention, monitoring and controlling operating expenses, and implementing Company and District guidelines to ensure compliance with Federal and State laws. Tax Season 2005 thru Tax Season 2009 tax return production and revenues, in my offices, were increased by by 66%. As a Senior Tax Advisor I handled all tax returns requiring advanced knowledge i.e. Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, ITINs, and Rental Real Estate. My personal clientele is comprised of, high income, professional, and self-employed persons.


H&R Block Tax & Financial Services

Enrolled Agent Course, Depreciation, Rental Real Estate, Dependency Exemptions, Earned Income Tax Credit, Investment Income, Adjustments to Income, Itemized Deductions, Business Income, Retirement and Passive Income, Amended Returns, Tax Planning, Ethics, Circular 230, Tax Law, IRS Penalties and Audits, Business Deductions, Employee Benefits.


Typing Speed = 65 wpm
Understanding and previous use of Windows-based computer system. Proficient in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Advanced Level with the H&R Block Tax Preparation System.          
Teaching / Instructing
Excellent Instructor with the gift of "Knowledge Transferrence".


Held progressively responsible positions in office and staff management with H&R Block Tax & Financial Services, Insurance Industry, and the United States Marine Corps. I have broad experience with administration, customer service, personnel supervision, budget and expense management. I am also a experienced instructor teaching Basic and Advanced tax courses. I function best in a diverse, busy environment and have established a reputation for being organized and capable of coordinating and handling multiple assignments cost-effectively and to schedule.


Chess stragegy.


Notary Public

State of New Jersey


Ann W. Dowie

Linda Neshiewat

Grace Ryan


U.S. Department of Defense