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I am a California State University, Northridge, graduate student passionate about sustainability, driven to make a difference.  Growing up, my parents always instilled in me the importance of appreciating our planet earth. The first thirteen summers of my life were spent camping and fishing in the Canadian wilderness off the coast of Vancouver Island. The next consecutive six were spent traveling through Europe in my family's Volkswagen Vanagon, hiking and camping where we pleased.   I also learned to sew at a very young age, and was always fascinated by different textiles.  Those experiences inspired my versatile personality and conscious perspective on life today.

Since I began my graduate studies at CSU, Northridge, my work has allowed me to further explore the full meaning of sustainability in the apparel industry.  I enjoy encouraging others to adopt the sustainable mindset of personal ethics, as many in today's society are caught up in fast fashion, regardless of the impact it has on our planet.  I am currently working on my Master of Science degree in Apparel Design and Merchandising, with a thesis focusing on the labeling analysis of eco-fashion in the apparel and textile industry.  I feel new labeling regulations for eco-fashion should be embedded into the current apparel industry.  A large part of my research will involve examining current corporate responsibility of apparel companies.  I wish to expand my skills from formal education, prior employment, and cultural experiences, through an opportunity in the apparel and textile industry. 

Aside from working on my thesis, I recently produced a Sustainable Cotton Fashion Show, hosted by CSU, Northridge and sponsored by Cotton Incorporated.  Also, recent leadership experience has allowed me to lead public relations projects, present research studies, and work with diverse groups of people.  I have textile lab experience working with organic fibers and low impact dyes, as well as website and apparel design software knowledge appropriate to create designs and promotional material.  With a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and work experience among many acknowledged industries, I can easily integrate myself into any business environment. I am a detail oriented person with a flexible schedule capable of adapting to most any situation or task presented to me.  I enjoy multi-tasking and working in fast-paced environments, as accustomed to from prior employment.  My resume and prior work experience is listed below for further information on my professional clerical, office administration background. 

Work experience

Nov 2009Apr 2011

CPA Assistant

Jerrel G. John, CPA


Jan 2010Present

Master of Science

California State University, Northridge


JongEun Kim

"The difference between style and fashion is "quality." by Giorgio Armani"Fashion fades, only style remains the same. by Coco Chanel


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