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We are a nationwide credit repair company that is built on a technology platform designed to get people qualified for financing. Most of our business comes via a referral based platform from mortgage companies, home builders, car dealerships and some hedge funds. The difference between our program and most other solutions in our space is transparency, accountability and continuing education for the consumer. We give both our clients and the referring partner full access to what we are doing on the clients behalf. We guarantee our clients a certain score increase up front and in writing prior to the client starting our program. This is a minimum set of expections that they should achieve in our program.Our goal is to get the client the results of our program as quickly as possible - most of our competition is subscription based and their motivation is to keep the client in credit repair as long as possible - our focus is results and we will cut short our revenues to return our clients to our partners ahead of schedule because our revenue stream is based on partner referrals and the more value we can provide to them today the more business we will get long term from that relationship.