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Hazen Mirts has advised and provided insurance solutions to individuals and companies for over a decade. As the President and CEO of Enrollment First, Inc., Mirts works to ensure that the unique insurance needs of his clients are met and exceeded at an affordable rate. Enrollment First specializes in providing insurance solutions for niche-market employers, especially those who provide part-time, temporary, and self-employment. Hazen Mirts oversees and directs sales and marketing nationwide, formulating strategies to ensure the company’s continued growth and development.Prior to founding his company, Hazen Mirts operated as an independent insurance agent. Drawing on an array of skills and knowledge, he assisted business owners in the assessment of their businesses’ insurance needs. Through careful examination, Mirts executed customized plans of action to provide life and health insurance packages specifically appropriate for each business’s needs. His employment as an independent agent came after working in sales at Northwestern Mutual. As a direct sales representative, Hazen Mirts was responsible for advising his high net-worth clientele on their life insurance policies, planning their estates, and managing their wealth and assets. His job with Northwestern Mutual followed his graduation from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville with a business degree.Now serving over 1,000 companies, Enrollment First has bloomed into a thriving company in its 10 years of operation. With Mirts at the helm, Enrollment First excels at helping employers navigate the often complicated process of insurance enrollment, providing continuing, quality customer care and support. In his free time, Hazen Mirts enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and saltwater fly-fishing. He co-owns his company with his wife, Brettany, and has three children.

Work experience



Enrollment First, Inc.

As President and CEO of Enrollment First Inc., I oversee the sales and marketing, operational duties and the overall company strategy. Founded in 2002, Enrollment First creates full-service insurance benefits enrollment solutions designed specifically for the temporary, part-time and self-employed workers that requires minimal employer administration and no cost. Enrollment First supports companies nationwide within a number of industries, including the staffing industry, helping employers provide an affordable, custom-made insurance enrollment option for their employees.


Direct Sales

Independent Insurance Agent

Helped business owners identify their needs for life and health insurance and get the appropriate products and services into their companies.


Direct Sales

Northwestern Mutual

Assisted high net worth clients with their life insurance, wealth management, asset management and estate planning.




University of Tennessee-Knoxville