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I strongly believe in business and marketing one should have a very good communication skills and also have good business oriented mind. originality is what makeup a very simple communication skills to communicate with others on a very good and professional level. I also believe in reality of life by respecting others around me and have a very good sense of humor to was handled problems and issues on a very professional level. In business one should have patience and know how to talks to others staffs members and  clients and people in general. I believe in treating others just the way I want to be treated. Life is very simple and easy and it is up to us to live it and makes a difference in the lives of others around us.

Work experience


Direct Support Personal

The Center

Provide administrative support to the VP of Worldwide Sales and the Directors of Marketing and Global Operations, managing schedules/calendars an overseeing event logistics.


Administrative Assistant

Jones & Co

Support two Senior Partners, blasting monthly marketing letters to a database of over 250 prospects. Prepared monthly attorney letters on case statuses and compiled expense reports.


Detect support personal

The Center

Help my clients with their basic needs.               Care for my client by admitting medications and more.



Bachelor of Communications, Marketing

United States International University

Associate in Art

Houston Community College

I love Art very much because life is art and everything around us is art. With Art I can make nothing to something that the beauty of Art.


Beaches Degree in Business Management

Tours University

Work to was my bachelor in Business Management Because I love business and I have a dream to start my own business one day.

Area of Expertise

Sales/Marketing Strategy
Competitive Intelligence
Nursing Assistant
Physical therapy Assistant



Cooking is my passion. I love to cook and create new ideas and recipes. Cooking is a form of Art because I can take the simplest ingredients and make or create or cook a lovely and delicious food to share with my friends and family. I enjoy cooking a lot. Cooking delicious meals brings joy to my heart.



Creating Homemade Seasoning and Herbs.

I create and make my own seasonings and spices from fresh produce and fresh herbs. I love creating new spices and seasoning because I want to share my skills and talents with the rest of the world. Creating New things is what I enjoy very much. I know one day I will be able to have my own products on marketing industry. 

Cultural oriented

I have a skills on how to communicate with people from a different cultural backgrounds. I love to interact with others because it is the best way to learn about each other's cultural background and believes. 


I have my own lil businesses project that I am working on. And I run my own little home business by promoting my own product to my family and friends. I create my own BBQ Sauces and Jerk seasoning spices and more. Hopefully I will get the help that I need to start up my own businesses. I also cook for family and friends when the have party or wedding. 




I can work anywhere as long as I put my mind to it that I can do it. I can also work with anyone and communicate with them on a very good and respectful manner and keeps it very professional on the business skills and leadership skills. I believe in communication because with good communication one can manage or sell any product.

Computer Skills

MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook), SAP, SRM, Visio