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I am caring, technologically competent, and a quick learner. I am articulate and well groomed. I am gregarious and believe that great communication is essential in creating satisfied customers and staff. Most importantly, I possess a winning attitude that allows me to do whatever it takes to not only see that the job gets done, but to see the job gets done well.

After returning from an intense period of military training in the Military Intelligence field for the Oregon Army National Guard, I am looking forward to a new challenge. I have turned my sights to the University of Oregon's (Cascade Campus) Pre-PA program, where it is highly recommended I spend as many hours as possible in patient care. Between my experience in customer service, the excellent leadership training I've received over the past year, and a real need to spend time learning about the different facets of patient care, I am prepared to serve as an asset to my next employer.


To fulfill health care related employment as part of a team, providing a phenomenal customer experience to each individual with whom I come in contact.


While employed by Majestic America Cruise Line, my ship experienced a significant wreck. I was personally responsible for 25 passengers. I was able to evacuate them quickly and with calm professionalism despite the highly stressful situation. As part of a team of nearly 90 staff, we were able to accommodate our passengers through a lengthy rescue. 

While traveling home through a snow storm in 2008, I encountered an elderly man and his family pulled to the side of the road. He was not breathing and did not have a pulse when I arrived on the scene. I immediately began CPR. Thanks to the generosity of another passerby, we administered CPR until the paramedics arrived, over an hour. Although the man did not make it, it brought great comfort to his wife that we tried to save her husband's life. It also assured me I could remain my composure in life or death situations.

Work experience



US Army

Duties: Basic soldiering, intelligence training, physical training.

Notable Responsibilities: Supervision and accountability of a squad (20-25 soldiers) and management of living quarters (40-50 soldiers).



Duties: Customer service and food preparation.

Notable Responsibilites: Cash handling, proper food preparation procedures, creating an enjoyable customer experience.



Majestic America Line

Duties: Customer service, hospitaltiy services, food preparation and serving.

Notable Responsibilites: Proper food preparation and serving procedures at 5-star standards, housekeeping and concierce services at 5-star standards, and creating an enjoyable customer experience.




Duties: Customer relations, multi-line phone handling, errand running, office duties.

Notable Responsibilities: Smooth office operation in busy setting, flexibility in duties, effective communication with patients and coworkers.


Mar 2010Present

General Science

University of Oregon (Cascades Campus)


Master's Commision Leadership Training School


Redmond High School

Top Secret

US Army